4 Steps to Grinding and Sharpening Metal with a Rotary Tool

Have you ever wanted to sharpen a knife or a similar object – you can do so and get it done fast using a rotary tool. Grinding and sharpening metal with a rotary tool only requires a little bit of education.


Here’s what you need.

The tools you will need to get grinding and sharpening include a rotary tool, something to hold the knife while sharpening, and the right rotary tool bits. It’s also recommended to wear safety goggles throughout your sharpening process.

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Turn on your rotary tool.

Prior to turning your rotary tool on, put in an aluminum oxide bit. Put your knife in a vice. Start the rotary tool and grind at an approximate angle of 10 degrees. Once it appears you’ve done the amount of work you’re hoping to complete, turn the knife over and grind the other side as well.


Now it’s time to buff!

This step is optional. You will need other bits to help clean up your knife. Keep your knife in the vice. Now, screw your bits in, rub some of the compound onto the rotary tool’s buffing bit, and now start buffing. Although buffing isn’t necessary, a lot of people prefer it because it does add a nice sheen on a project’s end.

All done!

When you’re all done with your rotary tool, remove your metal and give it all a good look. Double-check everything. After all that work, you should have a knife on your hands that is extremely sharp. Although we used a knife in this example, any type of metal can be grinded and sharpened in the same manner. DIYers will oftentimes grind and sharpen metals like these for personal use or to re-sell. In some cases, certain metal materials can be worth a lot. Just remind yourself to prioritize safety throughout this whole process. We don’t want to see anyone getting hurt!

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