Where to Find Cheap High Quality Tools in Canada this Easter

PrimeCables is kicking off a huge Easter sale this week with huge savings on tools, testers, and hundreds of products in our catalogue. This massive sale is going to feature network testers, network tools, ladders, screws, hand tools, and power tools. If you’ve been looking to get your favourite DIY project finished or get started on something new, now’s the perfect time to get yourself set up with the tools you need before the summer kicks into gear.

PrimeCables tool testers
PrimeCables tool testers

This Easter, for a limited time, browse deals on power tools like the impressive 20V cordless power drill, our 1,500-watt heat gun and hot air blower, a portable cordless electric screwdriver drill with thirty-six pieces, grinding discs, circular saw blades, a portable cordless tire inflator, a 20V cordless impact driver, a cordless angle driver, and a cordless circular saw. April’s a great time to fill your workbench up with tools. As the spring and summer get into their peak temperatures, when something needs fixing, you won’t have to shuffle down to the hardware store to buy a tool overpriced and not on sale.


April’s not only a great time to buy power tools but you’ll also find hand tools on-sale between now and Easter weekend at PrimeCables. See exclusive discounts on items like a digital battery tester, an illuminated LED head light, multi-purpose 38-in-1 precision screwdriver phone repair kit, a non-contact IR infrared thermometer, a telecom wire stripper, a 3-in-1 metal detector stud finder, and the PrimeCables networking patching tools kit with crimping tools.


With so many spring sales going on right now, we’ve had to cut into our prices more so than normal. If you’re looking to spy the perfect Easter sale for you, you may have found it. In the PrimeCables catalogue, you’ll also find cables, adapters, TVs, electronics, mounts, sit-stands, home theater accessories, ergonomic office accessories, and Ethernet network solutions.

When we say ‘cheap tools’, we mean ‘cheap’ in price. That’s what’s always mattered to us. Quality counts for everything but price counts for a lot, if you know what we mean. The best place to find high quality tools in Canada this Easter is PrimeCables. They won’t ever be at a lower cost than they are right now. We’ve reduced prices on basically everything, or as much as we can. Cheap deals and accessory products are just a click away. Browse it all at PrimeCables today and enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49.

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