Top Sales on TVs, Home Entertainment Systems, and Electronics for Easter Monday 2019

Easter is almost here and in celebration, PrimeCables is having one of its biggest home entertainment systems and electronics sales yet. These are some of our top Easter 2019 deals available only in Canada.



PrimeCables has a small collection of 720p and 1980p screens ranging in size, including a 32” bedroom 720p TV for $149.99 and a larger 43” 1080p television for $255.99. If you’ve been biding your time to buy a TV for your home theater setup, Easter might be just the time.


HDMI cables

PrimeCables carries HDMI cables of all types and lengths. If you require a replacement, want to purchase an extra HDMI cable for your home entertainment setup, or simply want a different cabling arrangement, HDMI cables are on record low pricing just for Easter!



Do you want to take things to the next level without replacing one screen for another – buy a projector. Projectors are equal or lesser in expense and will deliver a large big-screen theatrical experience. If you’ve always dreamed about having an absurdly large TV but the expense is a turn-off, a projector and projector screen is the perfect replacement.


Speaker wire

Using speaker wire, you can completely re-wire your home audio setup to accommodate whichever devices or speakers you want. You won’t find cheap-price, high-quality speaker wire anywhere else in Canada like this.


Media TV box

Stream media directly to your TV using any of PrimeCables’ smart TV boxes, including the Android MXQ-4K HD media player for $29.99 or the X96 4K Android smart TV box for $49.99. As one of the focal points of PrimeCables’ Easter 2019 sale, these smart TV boxes aren’t going to last long. Anyone who isn’t already set up with a smart TV, instantly convert what you have into one connecting you to hundreds of apps, software, and media streaming possibilities.


Network Ethernet cables

If Internet connectivity is an issue at home, consider using network Ethernet cables to create connections to your main screens that are reliable and wired.



Re-design the way you listen to media on your home theater system with an amazing set of speakers. Pick up a Bluetooth stereo soundbar for $54.99, something smaller like a pair of stereo desktop USB powered speakers for $13.49, of a 30-watt mini-amplifier for home audio for $39.59. You can’t have an amazing home theater system without high quality audio involved.

Celebrate this Easter 2019 with PrimeCables and take advantage of these offers, and more. Fast, free shipping is automatically applied on any order above $49. No matter the weather, come Easter, when you’re shopping with PrimeCables, you’re always going to be having a good time!

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