Top 5 Prime Day Deals in Canada You Don’t Have to Wait for Prime Day to Buy

Did you know you don’t have to wait for Prime Day to get the best deals on things like home theater accessories, USB cables, TVs, and home office products? That’s what Canada’s own PrimeCables is here for.

The rumours are true! This year’s Prime Day will last two whole days. If you’re not into waiting though, we’ve got hundreds of insane deals available right now while quantities last. Check out some of Canada’s best Prime Day deals going on right now.

Bluetooth wireless remote for camera

Do you enjoy taking a lot of pictures with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device? A Bluetooth wireless remote can help you get the shots you want without you having to press or push. This remote’s a great way to capture those full family portraits you want!

Electric height adjustable desk

Do you have a home office that’s been looking a bit run-down as of late? July’s a great month for an upgrade. Get yourself a height adjustable electric sit-stand desk converter from PrimeCables. With this desk, you can move it up and own, and adjust the height depending on where your chair is and whether you are standing or not. The top is also 31.5” wide, accommodating laptops, computer monitors, and more.

Tripod smartphone holder

Perfect for iPhones and Androids, use your smartphone or camera to film YouTube videos, Skype with family, or simply use it to capture photos and videos where you need some added stability. Portable and adjustable, it’s small enough to throw it in the bag if you need to run out or for location-based picture-taking.

Nylon braided USB cable

Who doesn’t love a high quality USB cable that comes with Nylon braided protection – this is the perfect way to protect it from getting chewed up, bent out of shape, or tangled to the point where it breaks. A USB cable Nylon braided 1-metre in length is the perfect supplement to any existing smartphone, tablet, or mobile device charging station. Looking at our current batch of USB cables, there’s no shortage of savings to be had on accessories as well. (UPDATED: it’s on Prime Day sale now!)

WiFi signal adapter

Do you need a stronger WiFi signal to play online gaming or for Internet surfing – here’s a mini portable USB designed WiFi signal adapter. Get wireless speeds up to 150 Mbps. Simply plug in through the USB connection and you’re good to go. Connect your laptop or desktop to any wireless network in the home.

Pre-Prime Day deals are on at PrimeCables. Announced weeks ago, our warehouses are fully stocked ready to serve Canadians far and wide this July. Feel free to browse the PrimeCables site for more great exclusives you won’t find anywhere else.

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