See the Best USB Ports in 2020 for Charging

USB ports allow you to connect multiple USB devices at the same time to charge, sync, and/or connect. Every port works a little differently, some only charging while others offer direct connection to a laptop or computer. These multi-purpose ports are easy to install, are usually very portable, and are getting used by more and more households, especially multi-person dwellings…

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How Do I Use Cage Nuts to Mount My IT Equipment

“What are cage nuts?” “How do you use cage nuts?” “Can I use another type of nut to mount my IT equipment?” These are all very common questions we receive about the hardware recommended for mounts. In this article, we hope to shine a light on what are cage nuts, how they are used, and why they are considered necessary…

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office ergonomic, sit stand desk

A High-Quality Laptop Table No Student or Entrepreneur Can Live Without

As a student or entrepreneur, the work-life balance thing is hard. It’s not every day that things magically work out so that time at home isn’t somehow impacted by your scholastic or professional commitments. They say, you shouldn’t be doing work on your laptop in bed. For some of us, we know better. Sometimes you just have to. Whether it’s…

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How Do You Use Screw-On Wire Connectors – Your Guide

You may look at a product like screw-on wire connectors and ironically, not even make the connection that connecting wire is what they’re used for. Manufactured from UL Nylon 66, a spring’s inside. For those that know how to use them, they know the simplicity of its function. Assuming you’ve arrived here though because you’re looking to make sure you’re…

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smart home

Should I Have a Smart Home – What to Buy to Get Started

Smart tech has come far. These days, having a smart home isn’t just something seen in movies. Anyone can essentially set up their condo, apartment, or detached house with affordable accessories that customize your home through smart tech. Why we love smart tech is because it’s convenient. It equips your home with function it doesn’t already have. It also makes…

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office ergonomic

How Do I Set Up an Ergonomic Home Office?

Like many home offices who have made the switch to ergonomic office furniture have already done, you too can avoid neck, shoulder, and back issues simply by re-designing a select few aspects of your space. Do you have pain or are at an increased cardiovascular risk – sitting in an office unfortunately won’t do you any favours. Though a lot…

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