Why Cat6 Cables Are Still Preferred Over Wi-Fi

Ethernet cables have proven integral to environments where the demands of computer networking exceeds the limitations of WiFi. As wonderful as wireless connections are, there’s nothing faster than the Ethernet standards.

Cat6 cables are used in many industries and are one of the most requested types of Ethernet cables. If you’re looking for the perfect cable to use on a home office, for your business, for gaming or home entertainment, or for any sort purpose where the fastest, most reliable Internet connections are needed, here’s a few reasons to try the Cat6 standard.

What is a Cat6 cable?

Cat6 stands for ‘category 6’. Sometimes you may see the term Cat6e cables, with the ‘e’ representing ‘enhanced’. Both are excellent Ethernet cables, transferring and transmitting data with ease on a safe, secure connection.

0.5 ft PrimeCables®  Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable
  • $0.99

Why do we use Ethernet cables?

In addition to the more reliable speeds Ethernet cables provide compared to WiFi, why more Ethernet cables are being bought is because they are secure. A hacker can always find a way onto one’s wireless Internet but if the Internet’s hooked up by cable, this presents a near unhackable environment. To get into one’s Internet, they would literally need to interrupt the cabled signal somehow. For businesses, this means more security all around.

Did you know you can use Cat6 cables on multiple computers?

If you have a big network of computers and devices, Ethernet cables can help you in minimizing interference and maintaining fast speeds. You can run a big computer network where data communications don’t get distorted or slowed.

What are some other benefits of Cat6 cables?

  • Cat6 cables fight cross-talk and overcome noise in data transmission.
  • Transmit fast Ethernet speeds over extended distances.
  • Perform heavy tasks with ease.
  • Use Cat6 cables on older devices to help provide consistent Internet speeds.

Do I need a Cat6 cable for my home theater?

If you have a smart TV, a 4K TV you cast media to, an Android box, or a home entertainment system where you use a lot of Internet, you may want to switch to Cat6 cables. If your media’s lagging, loading often, stopping, and/or if your TV can’t handle the quality of video you’re sending, one possible solution is a direct connection to your modem. This is done with Cat6 Ethernet cables. It’s easy to do and you don’t need anything expensive for it either. Get a connection that’s faster.

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Tools on Sale in Canada Perfect for Home Projects, Renovations, and DIY Fixes!

For any homeowner looking to do some fixes on the house in the coming months, equipping yourself with high quality tools doesn’t come cheaply. Thankfully, there are some great deals in Canada right now on power tools and more. For home projects, renovations, and side hustles, now’s the time to pick up what you need to get your fixin’ done!

Power drill

A cordless power drill can be charged and carried around the house with ease.  Create holes in wood, plastic, or metal, and add a whole lot more power to your tool belt. Needless to say, for most people, they won’t struggle to find a use for their power drill at home. Did we mention it’s cordless as well – no wires!

PrimeCables® 20V Cordless Power Drill
  • $49.99

Heat gun

Heat gun uses extremely hot air to do things like strip paint, heat shrink tubing, shrink film, shrink wrap packaging, dry out damp wood, bend and weld plastic, soften adhesives, and also thaw frozen pipes. There are plenty of other applications for a heat gun, a surprisingly diverse tool purchase.

LIVINGbasics™ 1500W Hot Ait Gun with 4 Nozzles
  • $18.99

Angle grinder

An angle grinder can help you cut tile, stucco, and pavers, grind metal, and can also sand, sharpen, and polish a variety of materials. If you’re looking to remove rust or loose paint, or get some steel cutting done, an angle grinder should be on your tool list for home projects.

PrimeCables® Angle Grinder with Grinding Disc
  • $29.99

Impact driver

An impact driver provides rotational hammering action, usually used to help in driving in screws. Generally more lightweight and compact than a power drill, an impact driver comes with a lot more twist and to torque. If you need to drive in large fasteners, an impact driver makes for a spectacular choice.

PrimeCables® 20V Cordless Impact Driver
  •  $59.99

Stud finder

Hang a TV wall mount with a stud finder. You won’t be able to do it without one. A stud finder is central to hanging paintings, mirrors, shelves, and more. Ensure your walls and property do not incur any unnecessary damage. A stud finder is one useful tool every household should have – regardless of how involved one is on DIY home renovation projects.

PrimeCables® 3-in-1 Handheld Stud Finder
  • $6.99

Electric screwdriver

Although a basic tool, an electric screwdriver’s one of the handiest. For light duties around the house, no more struggling to turn a screw. Get everything tight, tight, tight! Wireless, electric, portable, and affordable, this is another high quality tool to hang onto.

PrimeCables® Cordless Electric Screwdriver Drill with Accessories Kit
  • $9.99

Electric tire inflator

When you can fill your tires up at the local gas station for a few bucks, you may not know you need an electric tire inflator. That said, it’s handy to have. If you end up stranded or simply don’t want to hit up the gas station every couple months, this works. Electric and portable, it’s an impressive tool that makes living easier – plain and simple.

PrimeCables® Cordless Tire Inflator with igital Pressure Gauge
  • $79.99

What tools will you need in 2020? Pick them up today and you won’t be struggling to search for solutions when it comes time to do a renovation or home project. Don’t miss out! Get 40% off power tools and more from PrimeCables.

What is the Best Surge Protector in 2020 to Use to Protect My Devices – Check it Out!

The best surge protectors in 2020 build on past designs with increased functionality and new technological efficiencies. There’s a lot more to surge protectors and power strips these days compared to years ago when all it would be is a line of inputs. Check out some of the new functionality and types below.

Why every house needs a surge protector

They aren’t very exciting purchases but surge protectors work at preventing damage from electrical surges. If you have high-expense devices – like gaming consoles, 4K TVs, PCs, or other electronics – you absolutely should have these plugged into a surge protector. Although seemingly a rare occurrence, a lightning storm or power surge can come along at any moment and wipe out a power supply or fry the motherboard.

PrimeCables® 3 – Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with Smartphone Holder & Dual 2.1A Charging Ports
  • Market price: $34.99

What makes the best surge protector?

The best surge protector for your home is likely going to carry more than the basic features. You will want your surge protector to have grounded outlets to ensure you can plug in whatever devices you need. They also come designed with USB ports built directly in, making it easy to charge a tablet or smartphone. There are designs that are wall mounted, with smartphone holders, in a metal encasing, with side sockets that swivel, and more.

PrimeCables® 6 – Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with 2 USB Ports, 2m (6.56ft)
  • Market price: $34.89

How many outlets do you need in a surge protector?

There are all kinds of surge protectors available. Though some households may require more inputs, we recommend a surge protector with no fewer than four outlets. This will ensure you can purpose your power strip in various areas of the home, in case your furniture arrangements change.

Do you have any oversized plugs?

If you know what you’re plugging in already, verify whether you are working with any oversized plugs. If you are, buy a surge protector with enough space between the outlets to fit oversized plugs. Unfortunately, not all surge protectors or power strips have this space. In some cases, households or businesses may have to downgrade in functionality to accommodate size requirements.

PrimeCables® 12-Outlet Surge Protector with 2 USB Charger Ports

What area of the home is most likely to require surge protection?

There are a few rooms in the average household that almost always necessitate a surge protector. Home theater systems can be hooked up with $1,000s of equipment. Home offices can have computers that need a little extra protection. If you are living in a family household where everybody has a device to charge, it also doesn’t hurt to set up a charging station with surge protection either in the kitchen or main living space.

It’s a near-guarantee, every household has a surge protector, power strip, or extension cable plugged in somewhere. Get an upgrade on your surge protector or power strip, with new functionality and reliability. You won’t find a better deal than what we got going on right now at PrimeCables. For the next 72 hours, the best surge protectors and power cords in Canada at PrimeCables are at 15% off. Get yours today.

Can You Mount a TV in a Corner – Yes, You Can!

Mounting a flat-screen TV presents a more theatrical and immersive experience. A TV wall mount gives an all-around more impressive aesthetic to one’s home theater system as well. In some rooms, unfortunately they are limited by light and space dynamics, and a flat wall to mount on isn’t always available.

Depending on your furniture, you may actually find it more beneficial to use a corner TV wall mount. A corner wall mount isn’t that much different from mounting on a flat wall. You will still require a stud finder to locate the most reliable areas of the wall to use for support. A slight challenge can be finding the right angle and coordinating that to your seating. This can take experimenting but once you have this configured correctly, the rest of the installation process comes relatively simple.

Now that there are corner TV wall mounts available, this opens up the possibility of maximizing space in a room without sacrificing quality of viewing. For example, many rooms only have a couple walls that could potentially be used to mount a TV. Any walls facing a window or light source are immediately disregarded because of glare issues or reflection. Sometimes what a homeowner’s left with isn’t ideal. Now that you have the corners to work with as well, it really provides you with the chance to design an optimum home theater system for you.

When you look for a corner TV wall mount, it’s better to go with a full motion model than a low quality basic. Here’s why. Corners can also have lighting and reflection issues. You can also run into trouble if seating arrangements change or if you are watching with a lot of people as opposed to being alone. A full motion corner TV wall mount has added functionality, allowing users to angle, swivel, and tilt it according to whichever is the optimum position.

Another understated benefit is that when you have a flat-screen mounted in a corner, the backside has a lot of storage potential for HDMI cables, A/V cables, power supplies, and more. Comparatively, with a regular wall mount, it can be slightly more difficult to hide such cables, accessories, devices, and consoles.

Selecting the right mount for your home should start with ensuring the VESA specifications and weight match. After that, you just need to find the best position for your flat-screen and you’re good to go. The installation process is virtually identical to a standard TV wall mount. If you’ve installed a wall mount before, you’ll be well set up to do it again.

So many households watch TVs set in a corner, usually on a table or stand. If you’ve always wanted to mount your flat-screen while maintaining the same seating arrangement, you can! A corner mount’s perfect. Get yours today from PrimeCables.

Full Motion Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket

See a List of Home Theater Cables, Charging Cables, and Wires You May Want to Upgrade

With the holidays just having passed, chances are you may have one or two new devices or electronics to plug in, install, or power. When it comes to home theater cables, smartphone cables, and electrical wire, it doesn’t hurt to upgrade every once in a while.

High tech, new, state-of-the-art cables make your daily life easier. You’ll see your smartphone charge faster on the right cable. With a home theater system, you can actually have enough cables to plug everything in. You also have the chance, when you shop with PrimeCables, to purchase adapters so that you’re never struggling without a way to power, sync, or charge.

HDMI cables

Everyone with a 720p TV or above is probably using an HDMI cable to connect something to it. Upgrading your HDMI cables for your home theater system gets you something premium-rated, customizable with different lengths and casings, and different design functions. Something as simple as Ethernet connectivity can mean the world of difference to your TV.

Ethernet cables

A sure way to get faster Internet is to cable it instead of using the standard WiFi connection. Connect and transmit high speed Internet with Ethernet cables, whether it’s for home theater speeds, gaming, computer needs, or otherwise. Ethernet cables remain vital to achieving the fastest possible speeds for the households and corporate environments who need it most.

USB cables

Thousands of devices use USB cables but some are built better than others. Sync and charge smartphone USB cables are a popular category but it’s important to have premium built USB connections that work with all devices. If your USB cable is slow charging, malfunctioning, or has not been updated in a few years, consider an upgrade to something faster and more contemporary.

Apple lightning cables

Apple lightning cables and Thunderbolt cables are used across the millions of Apple products. Though the company’s now focusing on wireless charging for future Apple devices, anyone with a slightly older iPhone or iPad still needs a high quality, premium-built USB connected lightning cable or Thunderbolt to get synced up, charged up, and connected.

Home theater audio cables

Audio is everything when it comes to a home theater system. Video quality is easily achieved. Audio takes a bit more work. Consider making a change or upgrading to speaker wire, 3.5mm cables, digital coaxial cables, RCAs, or Toslink digital optical audio cables. If you know what cables you’re looking for and what they do, you can do a lot with what’s on sale at PrimeCables.ca.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Gift yourself some new home theater accessories and cables for your household this year. Tap into the stock at PrimeCables today and support the best quality sound, picture, and charging premium cables can afford you.

8K UHD Video Cables to Get Your Home Theater Ready for What’s Next

The world’s loving their 4K right now but what home theater lovers know all too well is that 8K video’s already on the market.

The next iteration in high quality video quality is 8K, a significant step above its predecessor. Although streaming services like Netflix and cable TV providers haven’t introduced 8K video capability yet, when they do, we’re ready.

An underrated and large part in the 8K home theater buying process is the cables. After all, if you’ve got an 8K signal being transmitted on a 1080p cable, you won’t ever achieve the 8K experience. You’ve got to have 8K-ready HDMI cables to make it happen. The same issue occurred when the world moved from 1080p to 4K. Home theater owners had to upgrade all cables to 4K. Instead of waiting for that reality, prepare in advance.

Buy 8K HDMI cables ultra-high speed 48Gbps from PrimeCables today and be ready. Very inexpensive, they’re just like having a 4K cable expect the tech in them takes things even further. We also have 8K DisplayPort cables which are another way to approach getting your home prepared for the revolution that’s on the cusp of hitting. 8K TVs are here and while 4K’s become a standard, it’s almost made 4K old news. For now and in the future, 8K is where the home entertainment world is focused on.

PrimeCables® 8K Ultra High Speed 48Gbps HDMI Cord
  • 10% off

Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and cable TV channels are all exploring a potential upgrade to 8K level video content. It’s only a matter of time before it happens. Just to put that into perspective, 4K delivers a perspective of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. If you’ve seen it, we do not have to tell you, it looks amazing! Get ready to be blown away by 8K though, which a big perspective upgrade at 7,680 by 4,320 pixels. Not only that but 8K screens will arrive with more evolved upscaling features that helps to make older content look even better.

PrimeCables® 8K DisplayPort DP 1.4 Male to Male
  • 10% off

Is now the time to switch to an 8K home theater system – that’s not for us to say. An easy, affordable purchase you can make to get your current system closer to 8K is through a readied HDMI or DisplayPort cable. Keep in mind there are already 8K TV models available to buy from Samsung, LG, and others. If you want to do 8K today, you absolutely can.

PrimeCables® 8K DisplayPort DP 1.4 Male to Male
  • 10% off

Get all your 4K cables, 8K cables, and other home theater accessories from Canada’s PrimeCables. Get them sent right to your front door and equip your home entertainment setup with everything it needs to be absolutely top-of-the-line. 8K’s worth the upgrade, cable-wise. Purchase yours today.

Why We Buy Audio, Video, and Cable Adapters – Add More Function to Your Home

Occasionally, we run into the problem of not having the ability to amplify audio or connect a video to the right device. When this happens, thankfully, you have a wide array of audio and video signal adapters to choose from.

Why we buy cable adapters is ultimately to turn one cable type into another cable type, modifying the connector. For example, let’s say you have a video signal coming across a DVI/VGA cable but your flat-screen has no such input. If all your flat-screen has is HDMI, an adapter that goes DVI-to-HDMI or VGA-to-HDMI – in accordance with the requirements of whatever the existing connection is – THAT’s what’s needed.

PrimeCables® HDMI to DVI-D Dual Link 28AWG High-Speed Bi-Directional Cable
  • 3ft long

Compatibility issues aren’t just reserved for solution by adapters either. Sometimes a converter’s better. For example, if you have an analog signal to convert into digital, a converter does it! Alternatively maybe you want to extend a signal beyond what the length of a cable allows. Extenders are employed in this case, perfect for adding more power to a signal that has to go across long distances.

PrimeCables® VGA to HDMI Adapter
  • 1080p

As a multi-screen household or if you’re looking to get either audio or video functionality on multiple screens, a splitter is used to do this. Audio and video splitters essentially divide a signal, allowing it to reach multiple input points. The most popular kind of home theater splitter is HDMI, which would send audio and video to two or more devices.

PrimeCables® HDMI Splitter V1.4
  • Supports Full 3D and 4K×2K resolution

Technically, within the scope of what splitters, converters, and extenders do, you could say network routers and switchers do the same thing. These devices help strengthen or extend distribution of signal. For virtually anything – DVI, VGA, HDMI, or router – there are means of adapting the signal to the unique home setup you have. If you aren’t getting the functionality you’ve always wanted to have from your home theater system, look at the possibility of what adapters can do. You may be surprised to find out there’s a lot you can do.

USB cable adapters can also help a ton in connecting USB devices, printers, keywords, and equipment of all kinds to a computer or wall plug to charge. Although a USB cable adapter’s never going to be able to increase speed or add to the technology in a USB connector, they provide connection where it may not be otherwise possible. If you have an older device or something purchase overseas that may not have the most convenient USB type on it, there are tons of adapters that could potentially help in resolving this very, very common issue.

PrimeCables® USB 3.1 Type-C Hub to USB3.0 Ports with Micro SD+SD/MMC Card Reader

Introducing an easy way to shop cables, adapters, and more. Find high quality cable and connector adapters in Canada from PrimeCables. Get them shipped right to your front door. Extend, split, convert, adapt, and more. Don’t let some metal alloy connector hold you back!