Is a Wired Nintendo Switch Controller Better than a Wireless – in some cases, yes!

Nintendo Switch launched in early 2017 as a hybrid gaming console bringing together the advantages of portability with being a stationary gaming console. With the Nintendo Switch, wireless controllers were included with advanced technology to allow for tactile feedback, motion sensing, and more.

As impressive and efficient as a Nintendo Switch wireless controller is, in some cases, a wired controller is still preferred by some users. With the wireless controller being so good, who would ever want to have to go back to a wired connection? Well, going beyond the nostalgia of a controller connected by wire, there are certainly a few advantages.

Lag-free performance

Browsing the specifications of a wired controller for Nintendo Switch console, the biggest reason to buy is improved performance in gameplay. You’re getting no lag as it’s a direct connection right into the console. In your hands, it also feels like a classic Nintendo controller so for classic games like Mario Kart, Pokemon, and others, a wired controller is a much loved purchase.

Long playing times

When you have a wireless controller, it needs a charge otherwise it’s not going to work. Though some can last a long time, when you’re gaming, you don’t want your time interrupted when a controller goes out. If you’re playing for extended hours, definitely invest in a wired controller! Especially for playing with friends or having a marathon day of gaming, you don’t want any interruptions.

More affordable

With a wired Nintendo Switch controller, you’re shaving a lot off the price. The Pro controller, comparatively, is super expensive despite having arguably better functionality. For example, multiple wired Nintendo controllers can be bought for the same price of a Pro wireless Switch controller.

Less functionality

If you’re really into the idea of motion controls, rumble, and such, these are areas where some controllers fail. That said, a lot of third party Nintendo Switch controllers still provide vibration functions and others, maintaining that same level of immersive gameplay. If you ever have problems with interference or lag, you may actually find any sort of lack in high-tech appearances, or in functionality, can be forgiven.

For home gaming, wired is the way to go

For home gaming or non-professional gamers, a wired Nintendo controller is a solid choice. If you’re buying for a young child or someone who isn’t playing games relying on gyro or any physical motion, it’s the perfect choice. For these uses, there’s virtually no reason to buy a Nintendo Switch wireless controller.

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