Why Cat6 Cables Are Still Preferred Over Wi-Fi

Ethernet cables have proven integral to environments where the demands of computer networking exceeds the limitations of WiFi. As wonderful as wireless connections are, there’s nothing faster than the Ethernet standards.

Cat6 cables are used in many industries and are one of the most requested types of Ethernet cables. If you’re looking for the perfect cable to use on a home office, for your business, for gaming or home entertainment, or for any sort purpose where the fastest, most reliable Internet connections are needed, here’s a few reasons to try the Cat6 standard.

What is a Cat6 cable?

Cat6 stands for ‘category 6’. Sometimes you may see the term Cat6e cables, with the ‘e’ representing ‘enhanced’. Both are excellent Ethernet cables, transferring and transmitting data with ease on a safe, secure connection.

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Why do we use Ethernet cables?

In addition to the more reliable speeds Ethernet cables provide compared to WiFi, why more Ethernet cables are being bought is because they are secure. A hacker can always find a way onto one’s wireless Internet but if the Internet’s hooked up by cable, this presents a near unhackable environment. To get into one’s Internet, they would literally need to interrupt the cabled signal somehow. For businesses, this means more security all around.

Did you know you can use Cat6 cables on multiple computers?

If you have a big network of computers and devices, Ethernet cables can help you in minimizing interference and maintaining fast speeds. You can run a big computer network where data communications don’t get distorted or slowed.

What are some other benefits of Cat6 cables?

  • Cat6 cables fight cross-talk and overcome noise in data transmission.
  • Transmit fast Ethernet speeds over extended distances.
  • Perform heavy tasks with ease.
  • Use Cat6 cables on older devices to help provide consistent Internet speeds.

Do I need a Cat6 cable for my home theater?

If you have a smart TV, a 4K TV you cast media to, an Android box, or a home entertainment system where you use a lot of Internet, you may want to switch to Cat6 cables. If your media’s lagging, loading often, stopping, and/or if your TV can’t handle the quality of video you’re sending, one possible solution is a direct connection to your modem. This is done with Cat6 Ethernet cables. It’s easy to do and you don’t need anything expensive for it either. Get a connection that’s faster.

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