What is a Smart TV Android Box – read here!

Have you always wanted a smart TV – for as low as $35, you can buy one. You won’t need to replace your flat-screen to make your wish a reality. It’s all done through a smart TV box.

What is a smart TV box?

A smart TV box offers the same technology that is built into many smart TVs. In a sense, it is an operating system and media player. Instead of being located inside your flat-screen, it’s completely external. This would be similar to the difference between an internal and external drive.

How does an Android TV box work?

A smart TV box connects to your TV through an HDMI cable. It requires an Internet connection which means you can either go wired with Ethernet cable or set it up via WiFi.

Your smart TV box uses an Android operating system. This system was created by Google for smartphones. It is open source and free, which means it is very cheap for manufacturers to produce hardware that uses it.

What do I need to connect a smart TV box?

The only thing you need to connect a smart TV box is an HDMI cable and Internet. You will also want to make sure your flat-screen has an HDMI input to accept another wired connection.

Another note we want to make is that not all Android boxes are 4K, unfortunately. Some come 1080p and even in 720p. If you want to watch and stream 4K media, you need to ensure you purchase a 4K Android box.

What can I do with a smart TV box?

A smart TV box turns your regular flat-screen into a media and entertainment center. Using an Android operating system, you can stream media from your laptop or smartphone to your TV without additional hardware. No wires. Play movies, binge TV shows, and more.

An Android box doesn’t just bring with it a media center, either. You can connect Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, surf the Internet, Netflix, Hulu, download games, download apps. Do you have an Android smartphone – Android boxes work very similarly. The operating system is very similar, right down to giving you access to the Google Play store.

What is the best Android TV box?

There are several Android TV box models out there. You do want to ensure the smart TV box purchased fits your needs. Look for a model that has 4K video quality and, if you download content, H.264/H.265 capabilities. Two of the best Android boxes in Canada are the X96 mini 4K Android Box and the MXQ-4K Android smart TV box. They are both available today from PrimeCables and on sale!

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