Upgrade Your Desktop or Laptop for Better Speed, Performance, and Functionality

Is your computer not quite up to par – a lot of people are in the same boat. You don’t have to purchase a new one to get a better performance from the computer in front of you. A few upgrades can do a whole lot of good.

Backlit Keyboard

A backlit keyboard’s largest benefit is that it allows you to see the keys in the dark. Usually used when gaming, a rainbow backlit keyboard can be used elsewhere. In low-light conditions, keyboards like these make typing easier.

1 TB Internal Hard Drive

Are you lacking hard drive space – no worry there. Add a second one with a Samsung 1 TB hard drive. A terabyte is a large amount of space on an internal hard drive, assuming it’s used economically. Enjoy read and write speeds maximum 550/520 MB/s.

iCloth XL Cleaning Wipes

iCloth XL cleaning wipes can be used on smartphones, HDTVs, and computer monitors. Any fingerprint-covered computer screen can be instantly cleaned of any smudges or dirt over top. It’s amazing the difference a simple clean with iCloth XL cleaning wipes can have.

Headset with Microphone

A stereo headset with a microphone allows you to make phone calls over the Internet, communicate with others while gaming, do a work-from-home customer service job, and more. Especially for those of us with at-home COVID-19 work, a high-quality headset makes a difference.

12-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

The disappointing thing about computer tech is that it’s not all wireless. Rather quickly, tangled wires and cables can become impossible to manage. Make it a little easier with a strategically placed surge protector power strip. Make it easily accessible so that you don’t have to strain yourself trying to reach it.

Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

There is no wire on a computer desk more inconvenient than the one attached to a mouse. An ergonomic wireless mouse is your answer. You take the USB connector and plug it into your computer, and instantly you’re good to go.

Wall Mount Network Server

Desktop computers take up space. Whether your desktop’s inconveniently sitting on top of your desk or sloppily placed on the floor, a wall mount network server is a mounting solution that maximizes space by safely storing your unsightly or inconvenient computer equipment in a protected area.

Speakers or Headphones

Add something extra to the mix with a high-quality Bluetooth multimedia stereo speaker set. Alternatively, over-the-ear headphones with an aluminum stand works if you prefer to listen to audio privately. Either way, upgrading your computer’s audio system can make listening to podcasts or watching movies more enjoyable.

Featured photo by Serpstat on Pexels

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