What Do I Look For In A Home Theater Projector?

Bring a premium movie-going experience home with you when you get set up with a home theater projector.

Although it can feel like a big investment and a detour from flat-screens, a projector is a distinct style choice that pays off. It harkens back to classic cinema, yes, but it also a fun and totally captivating way to enjoy sports, concerts, family movies, and more.

If you’re buying a projector, here are the things to look for.

Cost Of A Projector

Projectors are an expense. Like buying a flat-screen, you definitely want to find the best home theater deal on a projector because it can easily add up to being the most expensive thing in your room.

Projector Resolution

A 4K projector is arguably equal in value to a 1080P home theater projector. A lot make the mistake of going for the ‘best projector’ aka the most expensive and it really isn’t necessary. Differences between 1080P and 4K in a dark room are minimal. You can also knock off a fair bit from the price by going with 1080P over 4K.

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Home Theater Speakers

Most projectors have very low sound quality. Once again, it’s similar with a lot of flat-screens. Designing a loud home theater system, if you want that rumbling bass and soaring highs, a Bluetooth soundbar or set of home theater speakers is what you need.

Short-Throw v. Long-Throw

A short-throw projector is what a lot of home theater projectors are. They can be held closer to the wall without issue in terms of getting a clear picture. Comparatively, a long-throw projector comes designed for bigger rooms, i.e. those that require at least ten feet of distance for a clear image.

Connectivity And Ports

Buy a projector with the ports you need, i.e. HDMI, USB, etc. Most home theater projectors have multiple ports you can use just like a flat-screen. This shouldn’t be an issue. They are also able to connect to the Internet in many cases.

Brightness, AKA Lumens

How many lumens your projector has is what will determine its maximum brightness. A home theater projector should have at least 1,500 lumens. Many you will find are 2,000 lumens and certainly that’s more than enough. If your room isn’t totally dark, go for more lumens. This will increase the visibility of the image.

Projector Screen

Just as an added detail, don’t forget about a projector screen. If you have a free white wall, it’s workable. For a more premium experience though, you can’t mistake the value an actual projector screen brings.

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