What HDMI Cable Do I Buy For My TV?

When looking at HDMI cables, you will find a world of differences between type and function.

If you are unsure of what you need then you must look at what devices you want your TV to handle.

Since 2002, the standard of transmitting audio and video simultaneously from components to display units, such as a TV, means the use of HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cables to perform these functions.

Which Cable Should I Buy?

Don’t let the high price of a premium HDMI cable fool you into thinking that it will perform any better than an inexpensive one. Fancy packaging and words to describe the cable do nothing for the performance.

When considering which cable to buy keep in mind there are a few things to think about.

Are you incorporating audio components that are ARC-compatible? ARC is the acronym for Audio Return Channel. If your TV has an HDMI (ARC) port on it along with your audio system having the same port, this will return the audio to the transmitter.

Choosing The Suitable Length For HDMI Cables

The optimal length of any HDMI cable is 20 feet. If you want to be able to move your components around with ease then a 20-foot length is ideal, however, you may have to wrap cables in a cable organizer to save having the unsightly look of cables.

Most home theater HDMI cables are 6 feet in length and adequate for just about any configuration. With distances of over 20 feet then it’s best to invest in an HDMI Signal Converter or a wireless kit. More than 20 feet of HDMI cable can have a negative effect on signal quality.

What Are The Different HDMI Cables And What They Do

HDMI Cables come in 4 different guidelines. They are:

  • Standard HDMI: gives a refresh rate of 30Hzwith a resolution of 720p or 1080i; otherwise known as Widescreen HDTV.
  • High Speed HDMI: a 30Hz refresh but resolution up to 4k; a notable difference in audio and video quality.
  • Premium High Speed HDMI: refresh rate of 60Hz; generally known as 4K.
  • Ultra High Speed HDMI: 10K resolution and a refresh rate of up to 240Hz.

What Devices I Use With My TV

You have a gaming system, speakers, DVD, and laptop configured to your TV, so what kind of cable should I be using?

You need an HDMI cable that can handle the transfer of all that data. The refresh rate and color depth are what you need to take into consideration. The higher that you go with the refresh rate and color depth, more data is transmitted to the TV. Having a cable that has adequate bandwidth is what you need to look for. For example:

  • A resolution of HD 720p with a color depth of 8 requiring 0.81 Gbps will need a Standard HDMI cable.
  • Whereas a resolution rate of UDH 4K with a color depth of 12 requiring 40.1Gbps will need an Ultra High Speed HDMI cable.

These are just 2 examples, there are many variances, so checking with your TV manufacturers’ guidebook, look at the specifications of your TV before investing in a cable that may not perform as it should.

Something to keep in mind with Ultra High Speed HDMI cables, they are backwards compatible. This means that you may have a cable already that will work with your system as they are compatible with some older HDMI devices. Plug in the HDMI cable that you already have and if everything works as it should, then you have no need to purchase a new cable.

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