3 Reasons To Buy An HDMI To VGA Cable Adapter

There are many different types of cables that you need to connect your computer to your devices. Components vary, and every setup has different needs.

Back in the day, the most common type of port was the VGA output. This was used to connect analog computers to analog monitors or televisions.

These days, VGA outputs are not as commonly used, but they are not yet obsolete. With the advent of HDTV, HDMI cables are the thing, but there may still be uses for VGA cables.

What Is A VGA Connector?

VGA stands for ‘video graphics array’. This connector works with devices that use graphics cards, including televisions, monitors, projectors and laptops.

These connectors were analog-based and were a bit fussy to use. You could not plug in or remove the connector while the computer was running, and the components were delicate and easy to damage.

VGA cables supplied video but not audio, so a separate setup was needed if you needed sound with your display.

What Is An HDMI Cable?

HDMI cables include both video and audio components, and these days, almost all devices are HDMI compatible.

Older devices may still be analog, however, and may need an adapter for everything to work together.

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3 Reasons To Use An HDMI To VGA Adapter

The HDMI to VGA converter or adapter will enable you to connect devices that use different video setups.
Audio will not be transmitted, so another setup for audio will be necessary. There are three reasons you
may wish to buy this adapter.

  • Gaming: No need to toss those older games. If you still enjoy playing them, the VGA adapter will enable you to connect them to your displays. Different consoles may need different adapters, of course, so it’s best to research what you’ll need in order to get the best results.
  • Using Older Displays: These adapters will enable you to connect your computer to an older monitor if needed, or a television to a laptop.
  • Older Projectors And Video Editing: The adapter will enable you to transmit pictures from your computer to a projector, and will let you access older videos as well. Audio will not be transmitted, so separate cables may be required.

Do You Need An HDMI to VGA Adapter For Your Home?

Using adapters, it is possible to use older technology with newer technology. Some research is required to make sure you’re using the right cables, and the quality is likely to be inferior to today’s imaging, but the capabilities do exist.

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