Why Is A Home Theater Projector Better Than A Flat-Screen?

Flat-screens are big business. Home theater builders and media lovers are bred into thinking they’re what’s best for any sort of home entertainment room. In actuality, a projector has a theatrical feel you can’t duplicate with any television or computer monitor. Here’s why home theater projectors are better than buying a new flat-screen.

Blow Up Your Image

Change the size of the screen according to how you like it, enlarging it for groups or keeping it smaller for more intimate watches.

Bring It With You

Have you tried taking a 72” flat-screen around with you – it’s a trip! A projector is a lot easier to carry. You can take a home theater projector with you and set it up at a friend’s place for an event, take it with you to work for a presentation, or use it outdoors for a little late-night movie projection.

You Recreate A Theater

If movies are your thing, skip the $20 popcorn and price of admission in favor of watching a theater-sized projector screen at home. Especially if you have a big family room, a projector’s ultimate.

The Price Is Worth It

Home theater projectors can be quite expensive. Even so, you get HD 4K quality images on projector models at less of a cost than what a similarly-sized flat-screen would cost you.

You Save Space

Even if you mount a TV, it’s going to take up a certain amount of wall space. A projector has to be mounted but it’s ultimately not going to take up very much space at all. In a lot of city apartments and condos, it can be a great investment if you’re dead-set on having as large a screen as the room will allow.

They Are Highly Adaptable

A 4K home theater projector can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It can be used for gaming as well which is incredibly fun. They’re very adaptable and doesn’t necessitate the same physical infrastructure as a flat-screen. This can annoy some home theater builders, however. It’s up to you what you feel is best.

You Won’t Have To Buy A New One

Projectors last a long time. Flat-screens do, too. With new flat-screens coming out every year though, it can be tempting to want to buy a new flat-screen seasonally. With a home theater projector, you’re getting a premium image from the get-go and it’ll stay that way.

There’s nothing like seeing an image blown up big and clear in quality on an HD projector. Whether you’re buying a 1080P or 4K projector for your home theater, find them both at PrimeCables.ca.

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