When Is It Best To Use An HDMI Cable With Ethernet?

As televisions and monitors have higher resolutions, cable technology must advance in order to keep up with new devices and their needs.

What Is An HDMI Cable?

HDMI cables are cables that can transmit both audio and visual data from the source (like a personal computer) to your television or computer monitor. These cables provide high speed transmission of large amounts of data, and offer higher refresh rates, high bandwidth, with richer, more vibrant and crisp color resolution. Some HDMI cables offer Ethernet connectivity as well.

What Is Ethernet?

Ethernet cables are typically cables that run from your computer modem or router to Ethernet ports on your computer, laptop, television and gaming consoles. Ethernet cables offer a more stable connection than regular WIFI signals, and offer more security in the case of connecting several computers, such as a small office setup.

HDMI Cables With Ethernet Connectivity

Not all HDMI cables have Ethernet capability. Those that do can offer reliable, high speed data transfer, and are useful for high definition videos and for online gaming.

HDMI cables offer standard and high speed versions, both with and without Ethernet functions included. Usually the newer HDMI cables come with Ethernet capability built in.

The latest versions of HDMI cables deliver 4K and 3D resolutions, including surround sound. For the Ethernet cables to work correctly, both devices must have Ethernet connections.

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What Are The Benefits?

Because of the speed and quality of HDMI Ethernet cables, data transmission is faster than ever, and delivers better sound and video than was possible in the past.

With Ethernet capability built in to HDMI cables, there’s less mess to worry about. In the future, it is likely that all devices will work with this system, making home and office setups easier to manage, as well as being more efficient than older setups.

As the technology improves, users will see improved bandwidth offering higher transmission speeds. A faster refresh rate will improve flow of video, and higher pixel resolution will result in improved images. These cables offer 3D support, resulting in better colors and resolution for an improved viewing experience.

Built-in audio return channels reduce the need for separate cables and parts, and offer improved sound quality overall.

Should You Use HDMI Cables With Ethernet?

Why not, that’s what we think!

If you’ve got the devices to support the technology, these cables will offer faster, more efficient performance overall with less wires underfoot.

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