Why USB Type-C Cables Are the Best Smartphone Cables You Can Buy

There are different types of USB cables, including the original Type-A and Type-B, as well as the micro and mini versions of themselves.

However, the newer Type-C cables are more versatile and powerful than the older generations of cables, and in fact, are quickly becoming the new industry standard, especially for future technology design.

What Makes the C-Type So Awesome?

Most consumers probably have a tangled stack of various types of USB cables hanging around the house. Some fit this device, some fit that device, and what the heck is that weird little one squeezed way in back of the drawer used for?

Because of its universal design, the Type-C USB cable will be able to eliminate much of that cord hassle.

What Are the Features?

Unlike Type-A and Type-B cables, USB-C features the same plug-in on both ends of the cable. That means either end can plug in to either the host or the receptor with the same functionality. In other words, you don’t have to worry about plugging it in backwards or upside down. This means less wear and tear on your devices since you’re less likely to damage them.

What Are the Benefits For My Phone?

As mobile phones get smaller, the Type-C cord’s smaller cable ends can accommodate newer technology. The reversible cable heads make charging a breeze. No worries about finding the right cord.

These smartphone USB cables offer faster and more powerful data and power transfer. In fact, they have the capability and speed to power laptops and external monitors, not to mention internet connection.

What About My Older Phones and Devices?

Keep your Type-A and Type-B cords if you need them, certainly, unless you invest in adaptors to make all your ports and receptacles Type-C friendly.

USB-A and USB-B have been factored out of most devices. All new consumer devices, from smartphones to tablets and all sorts of USB-equipped electronics use the Type-C standard exclusively.

At the End of the Day

Less cables around the house means less clutter and less waste.

The universal design points of USB Type-C cables to a more environmentally-friendly tech future for everyone.

With a versatile dual-headed design, smaller size and rapid transfer abilities, the USB Type-C cable is the best way to go, going forward. It’s the perfect way to power not just your phone, but all your devices, quickly and easily.

Type-C USB cables are, quite simply, the way to go. Buy USB-C cables at PrimeCables.ca today.

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