7 Home Office Gifts To Buy Yourself This Fall

Before the holiday season sets in, if you’re still working from home this fall, try any of these home office gifts for yourself. They’ll make working from a home office a little easier and may even influence you to stick it out at home instead of heading back into the world with its long commutes.

Ergonomic Desk

The best gift for a home office this season is a height-adjustable ergonomic desk. It allows you to stand and sit as you like, adjusting your posture and helping rid the sort of uncomfortableness which accompanies day-to-day sitting in an office chair.

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

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An adjustable cell phone stand is perfect for Zoom calls or to have nearby when a call comes in. Any time you want to put on a podcast or some music during a break, it’s also a great ‘break’ accessory.

Single Monitor Desk Mount

If you have a monitor on your home office desk, set it up with a single monitor desk mount. You’ll free up the space and reduce the clutter hanging around your workspace. A stable mount is also safe for ergonomic desks.

Ethernet Cables

WiFi signals can be low-quality, drop unexpectedly, and cause issues on some devices. Wired Ethernet cables are your answer. If you want to get the most from your Internet, invest in a fast Ethernet networking cable. It will connect your computer directly to the modem, optimizing everything, from speed to security.

Multi-Outlet Surge Protector

A surge protector is a smart purchase for any home office. Unless you are living somewhere completely new in its build, there is a good chance a power surge could post a threat. A multi-outlet surge protector also adds outlets where you may have only had one or two before.

Lockable Under-Desk Pull-Out Drawer

101cb primecables cab pc 08259 monitor desk mounts sliding under desk pull out drawer

A lockable under-desk pull-out drawer is the sort of thing that every work desk should have. You can’t have enough storage in a home office, even if all your work is on the computer. This compartment is where you can put your pens, papers, smartphone, and similar small items.

Under-Desk Cord Management Organizer

Even as little as three cables or wires can make a home office desk look absolutely a mess. A cable organizer is not necessarily an essential in a work-from-home situation but it’s immensely helpful in keeping things looking tidy and in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you.

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