How To Choose The Right 65-Inch TV Wall Mount For Your Flat-Screen

For large flat-screens, a heavy-duty 65-inch TV wall mount will safely affix the screen to the wall and bring it to a more theatrical height. Using a mount is far more aesthetically pleasing than sitting your TV on a stand or a table. It also prevents tip-overs so long as the mount is correctly installed.

Here is what you need to know about finding the right 65-inch TV wall mount for your screen.

Match To The Screen Size

Every TV wall mount is designed for specific sizes and VESA measurements. Ensure that what you are purchasing is in line with your flat-screen’s specifications, in size, weight, and VESA specs. Otherwise, you can risk damaging your wall and screen.

What Are VESA Specifications?

You can find your VESA specifications in the instruction manual, online, or under its product specifications. For most screens above 60 inches, they go by VESA 600 x 400. For screens above 32 inches and under 60 inches, you’re likely looking at VESA 400 x 400. Do verify these numbers in the specifications.

Type Of TV Wall Mount – Full Motion, Fixed, Tilt And Swivel

A 65-inch TV wall mount is available in a few different configurations.

  • A fixed, basic TV wall mount is your run-of-the-mill, inexpensive mount that will lift your screen but not offer much advanced functionality beyond that.
  • A tilt and swivel TV wall mount may incorporate an articulating arm and additional supports that allow you to tilt the screen and reduce glare, as well as adjust its positioning from side to side.
  • A full motion 65-inch TV wall mount offers a lot more functionality, allowing you to tilt and swivel, and is the preferred mount for most home theater enthusiasts.

Understand Where You Will Be Installing Your TV Wall Mount

In a small single-bedroom apartment where you’re close to the wall and sitting in front of your screen, you don’t necessarily need a lot of motion to your wall mount. You just need the screen mounted. Alternatively, if you are further away and/or are expecting to watch sometimes with friends, family, or guests, you may want to opt for a full motion TV wall mount. This can help adjusting the perspective to meet the optimum viewing angle.

How A Tilt And Swivel TV Wall Mount Can Help With Glare

Glare is a big problem with basic, fixed TV wall mounts. If the mount is installed across from a window, the sun comes in and reflects off the screen. There’s no way around it… unless you can tilt the screen. A slight tilt or a swivel can reduce glare bouncing off the screen and just makes sense.

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