Do You Need A Sit-Standing Height Adjustable Desk Or Riser For Your Ergonomic Office?

Whether you work from a public office or work from home, you face the same issue many Canadians face every day. That is the fact that many of us sit down for hour after hour while working.

Numerous studies show us how sitting is bad for short-term and long-term health. Hunching will strain the back, neck, and shoulders, potentially paving the way for chronic pain. Being bent at the waist will tighten the hips and abdominal muscles. You also will have elevated risks of cardiovascular and heart-related diseases.

The only way to stop sitting so long while continuing to work is through a modification like a sit standing height adjustable desk ergo riser ADR for monitors 35” wide.

Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Desk Ergo Riser

A height adjustable desk ergo riser allows you to alternate from sitting to standing. You can maintain better posture this way, keep your limbs loose and body active, and easily switch positions every 45-60 minutes.

This is done through the height adjustability of the desktop as it raises and lowers according to what you want.

The downside to height adjustable sit-standing desks are how expensive many are. After all, a motor’s being added to a regular computer desk with added functionality. It’s got to lift the weight of everything that’s on top of your desk which means a lot of extra design considerations. A workaround is what’s called a riser.

Why A Height Adjustable Riser Is Better Than A Sit-Standing Desk

A sit standing height adjustable desk ergo riser ADR for monitors 35” wide costs a lot less than a desk, first and foremost. A riser will easily shave hundreds off the price of an ergonomic desk. A riser’s a smaller version of a sit-standing desk, a motorized surface that you place on top of an existing desk and allows you to raise and lower it to your desired settings. Here are the benefits of a riser compared to a desk.

  • Use the desk you already own, allowing you to keep its storage and aesthetic.
  • Work more comfortably, no matter where your office desk is positioned and how large your existing workspace is.
  • A riser has less usable workspace to move up and down but this can be an advantage when it comes to decluttering your desk and keeping things looking modern and professional.

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