Should I Game While Standing With This Sit-Stand Dual-Motor Height Adjustable ADR Gaming Desk Frame?

If you’re really into gaming, you’re probably not sitting there for twenty minutes and calling it a day. The average time a serious gamer spends gaming is usually five hours in a row. So much of that’s spent seated. Think about that. You’re in the same position for at least five hours, with minimal hydration, food, and stimulation other than what’s in front of you. That can lead to sluggishness, reduced focus, and overall bad performance at certain points.

More binge gamers are switching to the sit-standing model. That is, they spend some time sitting down and other time standing up, alternating between the two to stimulate focus and better game performance. This also has health benefits, improving on the lack of physical activity a gamer gets being stationed in front of a screen for that amount of time. As a part of this, a sit-stand dual-motor height adjustable ADR gaming desk frame can offer major benefits.

Improve Your Health While Standing

Health-wise, switching between standing and sitting has major benefits. Here are a few of them.

  • Break up the static hours spent in front of your screen without leaving your game.
  • Taking a break from sitting every 60-90 minutes has been statistically shown to keep you more fresh and alert.
  • You move more, reduce weight on your joints, activate your muscles, and prevent your metabolic rate from dropping.
  • The ideal recommendation is to change your posture every 20 minutes during a game or prolonged sitting.
  • You avoid the dangers of prolonged sitting which includes a higher risk of heart disease, thrombosis, Type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Is Gaming While Standing Truly Better For Performance?

A lot of gamers rely heavily on their sit-stand dual-motor height adjustable ADR gaming desk frame. They self-report finding increased concentration, improved reaction time, and more endurance. As a gamer, with a sit-stand desk, you can more accurately position your wrists and make micro-adjustments to your posture, resulting in less aches and pains, and more immersion into what you’re doing in the game.

It’s a practical addition to your day-to-day gaming that will allow you to game longer and continue to deliver an optimum performance. Gaming while standing is overall a better choice and, of course, you don’t need to fully replace sitting nor should you. Moving from sitting to standing is where the power lies. You’re constantly engaging your body and staying comfortable.

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