Should Gamers Stand While Gaming With This Sit-Stand Dual-Motor Height Adjustable ADR Gaming Desk Frame?

Any gamer will find an advantage using a sit-stand dual-motor height adjustable gaming desk. How often to stand while gaming though. Whether gamers should stand any time they game. How long the body can tolerate a standing position. These are concerns that often go unaddressed when looking at sit-stand desks.

A sit-stand electric ergonomic gaming desk certainly has a role to play in gaming. It helps to grease the physical frame and has mental health benefits, as described in several studies. Understanding how to use a sit-stand gaming desk though is important. Here are the answers to the questions most gamers have about if gamers should stand while immerse in their chosen world.

How Often To Stand While Gaming

A gamer should stand whenever they have a task in-game that requires maximum focus and optimal reaction time.

A sit-stand dual-motor desk frame allows you to adjust the height to your desired ergonomic position. This allows you to sit comfortably but also stand and stay in the game you’re playing. Whenever you’re feeling stiff or are experiencing aches and pains sitting, that’s when to lift the tabletop up to a standing position and take pressure off your frame. Switch your posture and relieve the discomfort that it causes.

Should Gamers Stand The Whole Time?

Although a standing desk will give you more control over your gameplay, no one should remain standing every minute of your game.

We do not recommend, under any circumstances, a standing position for the entirety of your game. That would be the worst thing you could do. Prolonged standing is associated with back pain and high rates of cardiovascular disease, quite similar to prolonged sitting. It is all about switching things up with your sit-stand dual-motor height adjustable ADR gaming desk frame and being comfortable and alert during gameplay.

How Long The Body Tolerates Standing

Everyone is different as it relates to how much standing the body can tolerate before it needs respite.

For some people, they may only be able to stand 5-10 minutes before they start to feel uncomfortable and have to sit down. For others, they may be able to stand for 1-2 hours. It’s all about customizing the sit-stand experience to you. Do what feels right. Don’t push the body past what it will tolerate with standing. That will take away from your focus while gaming and is the opposite effect of what you want.

Try standing while gaming and see how it changes your in-game performance. Do it with a sit-stand dual-motor height adjustable ADR gaming desk frame from

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