Do You Need Network Ethernet Cables For Your Back To School Desk Setup?

WiFi is so easy and convenient that we often aren’t faced with the obvious benefits of network Ethernet cables. For a work desk at home, if you’re still connecting to WiFi, there are lots of advantages to opting in on Ethernet instead.

To explain a bit about how Ethernet cables work, Ethernet is wired Internet. That’s all it is. It’s an Internet connection delivered to you through a wire which is how every computer used to connect prior to wireless Internet.

Although WiFi is nice, here’s why Ethernet is the choice to go with when you’re working at home.


You can’t get a faster Internet speed than you do with Ethernet cables. There’s no signal interference or variance in the signal. You get maximum signal at all times.


WiFi can be spotty. Ethernet isn’t because it’s a direct line. An Ethernet connection is reliable, stable, and never fails. If you are working in a part of the house that’s spotty or has connection difficulties, Ethernet resolves that completely.

Dynamic Reliability

The dynamic reliability of Ethernet allows you to game without the Internet dragging in speed, download faster, chat through video with a more solid connection, and more. It’s far more advantageous than wireless.


There’s no password on Ethernet but there doesn’t need to be. The only way to hack the connection would be to somehow cut into the line and split it manually. This isn’t going to happen. If you’re worried at all about someone getting on your Internet signal, a high-quality Ethernet cable is a way to completely restrict it only to those that have a wire connection.

Types Of Ethernet

Speed via Ethernet cable is dictated by the category of cable. Here is a basic rundown.

  • Cat5e cables have a data transfer rate of 1 Gbps.
  • Cat6 cables have a data transfer rate of 10 Gbps.
  • Cat7 cables have a data transfer rate of 100 Gbps.

Any of these network Ethernet cables are optimum choices for home network. For a workspace, Ethernet on any of these cable lines will be more than enough to provide you the stable support you need to do your work.

Where To Buy Ethernet Cables

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