Where To Buy The Best Cat6a Ethernet Network Cable in Canada

Buying a high-quality Ethernet cable for your home or business is extremely important to ensuring you’re receiving the best speeds and stability. If you’re looking to buy Ethernet network cable online, you can find the best prices and without any compromise to the quality of the cable at PrimeCables.ca.

Why Choose Ethernet

WiFi works alright so why would I choose an Ethernet cable? There are quite a few reasons, in fact.

  • Ethernet is faster. It’s a direct connection to your modem and it’s not a shared WiFi connection.
  • Ethernet is more reliable. You aren’t struggling to get a signal by air. It’s through the wire.
  • Ethernet is more secure. It can’t be hacked, unless someone somehow cuts into the Ethernet cable which is an impossibility.
  • Ethernet more evenly distributes the Internet signal, helpful in large work settings where dozens of devices may be connected through the same set of modems.

Unlike WiFi, with Ethernet you always have a consistent speed, no signal interference, and an optimal Internet in every way.

It’s perfect for businesses and households alike. In homes with elevated Internet usage, such as if you’re streaming, gaming, and for other purposes, Ethernet is a must-have. Your WiFi is nowhere near as reliable, no matter how good of an Internet package you have or what quality the modem.

What The Wrong Cable Will Do

Not all Ethernet cables are equal, unfortunately. Some are slower than others. When you’re expecting a certain speed and performance, you want to ensure you’re receiving the cable you need.

What Is The Best Ethernet Cable?

A high quality Cat6 550MHz UTP RJ45 Ethernet network cable is fast and stable. For a home or business, you will have the speed and performance you need, and can customize your order to fully suit the sort of network you’re building.

Here are some important features that come with ordering through PrimeCables.ca.

  • Choose the cable length you need anywhere from 1 foot to 100 feet.
  • Choose the exact number of cables you need, from a 1/pack to 20/pack.
  • Compatible with 10/100/1000 Ethernet networks.
  • Achieve download speeds up to 10 Gb/s and with a 550MHz capability.
  • The Ethernet cables are built with durable gold-plated connectors and high-quality copper cable.

For those that are new to the PrimeCables brand, they are a Canadian-based company prioritizing in online distribution of cables, adapters, electronics, home theater accessories, and ergonomic office furniture and accessories. With offices and warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, they provide high-quality goods to people across the country.

Shop the best Cat6a Ethernet network cable and other Ethernet cables and accessories at PrimeCables.ca.

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