Do You Stand While Working At A Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Standing Desk?

Your biggest question about a sit-stand height adjustable standing desk, if you’ve never used a standing desk before, will probably be something along the lines of how standing will impact working at your desk.

It can feel a bit strange standing and working at the same time. At work, we stand to move typically. To stay still and work while standing is a new experience. It’s one though that can be tremendously beneficial.

How Does A Sit-Stand Desk Work?

A sit-stand height adjustable all-in-one standing desk allows you to adjust the height of the tabletop. This is done through a manual crank or an electric motor. This means you can spend some time sitting and working, and then lift your desktop, holding it at an appropriate height for you to work standing up.

Is A Sit-Stand Desk Good For You?

Why height adjustable desks exist has to do with the health risks of prolonged sitting and the ergonomics trend.

Prolonged sitting isn’t quite a silent killer but it might as well be. People who sit for extended periods are known to have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and are more likely to deal with a variety of chronic health conditions.

If you work at an office or a desk, for a long time, there’s been no real alternative to sitting. An ergonomic sit-stand desk allows you to continue working comfortably while standing. As you stand, you increase circulation in the body, burn more calories by design, and warm up the muscles and limbs.

There is also the ergonomics trend in offices and work-from-home workstations to note. A sort of health trend, ergonomic offices are filled with furniture that makes it comfortable for workers to work at their desks and helps to support a strong, healthy posture. It removes the physical stress placed on the body when it’s in unnatural positions, i.e. leaning and straining to type or see a monitor.

A height adjustable standing desk is ergonomic office design as it allows you to conform the tabletop to your needs rather than you conforming to where the tabletop is. The table can safely adjust to where it’s most comfortable for your body’s posture and from both sitting and standing positions.

Prioritize good posture while working. Have a work desk that suits you. An ergonomic sit-stand desk will minimize stress on your neck, shoulders, and back, and can improve general well-being without you having to do much more than adjust the height. See sit-stand height adjustable all-in-one standing desks and more at today.

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