How To Build A Standing Desk

Trendy and popular, standing desks are a perfect addition to your work-from-home setup. They’ll provide a whole new dynamic, allowing you to stand and work, staying fluid and focused simultaneously.

A standing desk can be so nice and convenient that you might not want to stop. You may want to work longer hours and enjoy the merits of working from home more often because it’s so comfortable, especially if you have a height adjustable desk.

It all starts with customizing your standing desk and figuring out how you want to design your workspace.

That starts with building it and how to build an ergonomic standing desk requires the right tools. Here’s what you need to know.

What You Need

There are lots of ways to build a standing desk. You can buy a desk riser and put a tabletop over it. You can buy a full-on height-adjustable desk riser and place that on top of a table, either electric or manual. There are a few different ways to do it and they’re all available online at

Some of the other items you might want are monitor mounts if you have a computer monitor, cable management ties or cable management channels, and similar work-from-home office accessories.

How Long It Takes

It should only take an hour or so, if even, to build a standing desk. After you have your ergonomic desk riser assembled and have confirmed it’s working, what’s next is to put on the tabletop. A tabletop can be made from almost anything, i.e. wood, glass, synthetic materials, etc. It is ultimately your choice what you hope to use.

Ensure that everything’s secure in terms of the tabletop to the riser. From there, be sure to stay within the weight limits and to not overload the riser. All in all, they are fairly easy to use. A sit-standing desk shouldn’t cause any trouble so long as it’s used correctly and the tabletop’s fully secured.

Where To Buy A Standing Desk

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If you aren’t already suited up with a standing desk, try it. It’s much better for your health than sitting constantly at your desk and working away, as the aches and pains gradually set in. A standing desk is worth the investment and is a major upgrade over the standard student computer desk.

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