5 Must-have Smart Home Accessories in 2019 on-Sale and at Amazing Prices!

Automate your home and monitor it from wherever you may be. 2019’s best smart home accessories are just a click away. Having tested these products in our own homes, these are the products we believe in.


Smart home hubs and controllers


Smart home technology controlled by a single device and a single app. A smart home automation system, hub, or controller connects you to everything in a single tap. Manage speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, appliances, and everything. Use these devices to communicate, send information, and take commands on-notice as needed.


Smart home lighting


Control the lighting conditions in your home from afar. As one of the most basic components of smart home automation, being able to dim and adjust lighting can help focus in on certain atmospheres or moods. With a simple push of a button, use your smart home lighting to turn on and off a lamp at your whim, or ensure no lights are left on while you’re not at home.


Monitoring and sensors


Although we usually associate sensors with security, they don’t necessarily need to be used for such things. Sensors can be used to help control temperature, lighting, and various other conditions in the home. Installing smart home sensors outside a washroom, on the stairs, or in the kitchen can help make things easy.


Security cameras and accessibility


Security can be a huge investment in both time and money, especially if you’re going for advanced surveillance methods. Smart cameras and smart security systems are much more affordable, arguably provide more oversight, and will absolutely give you peace of mind knowing your property’s protected.


Smart locks and doorbells


Accessing and locking your home is way easier, when you use a smart lock or smart doorbell. There are many smart home product categories out there however this is an easy investment to make. For those apprehensive about smart home accessories, smart locks and doorbells are a great way to introduce one to the landscape of smart technology.


PrimeCables has smart home hubs and controllers, lighting and appliances, monitoring and sensors, security cameras and accessories, smart locks, and smart doorbells all on-sale right now! Depending on the amount of control you want, there’s seemingly no limitation to managing aspects of your home like lights, temperature, locks, and security. Smart home accessories are great for your home and as gifts, whether you’re buying for a birthday or a holiday. These are some of the top smart home products in Canada and there’s more in our catalogue. Feel encouraged to drop in today and check things out at PrimeCables!

Creative Ways VR 3D Virtual Reality Glasses are making a Difference in 2019

VR glasses have worked wonders at helping people play games and watch movies in some innovative ways. Compatible Apple iPhones, Samsung smartphones, and Huawei devices, if you know where to buy your VR 3D glasses, you can also get them pretty cheap.


Although the 1,500+ VR apps are fun to download and try, these apps aren’t the only way virtual reality glasses are being used. In fact, in Canada, VR glasses are beginning to be used in university classrooms to teach students about various aspects of anatomy, health, and science.


A team at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario have developed several programs to be dissected with VR glasses. These programs include 3D renderings of the body which allows one to peruse anatomy and learn about bodies in ways they haven’t been previously able to do.


For example, anatomy students traditionally use cadavers fixed in formaldehyde to learn. Access is always limited however. So using a virtual reality program like McMaster’s, they’re solving a huge problem using VR headsets! Now students can have unlimited time with a subject, learning about the various components of how a body works.


This isn’t the only way that virtual reality is being used, either. Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta is using VR for its soccer program to help recruit players and try out athletes. For the university’s soccer program, sitting down with an athlete and giving them a headset simulating a soccer game can help give a glimpse into their understanding of the game and their reaction to certain plays.


Also, at George Brown Culinary School in Toronto, Ontario, VR glasses are allowing culinary students to watch their teacher prepare food in a whole new light. Students seated cannot necessarily always see what’s going on in every detail when preparing a dish. Using VR glasses, students get a bird’s eye view of everything. At this culinary school, they’re also looking at the potential for students to take their VR glasses home and review lessons detail-by-detail.


Although VR headsets have not necessarily made the big impact in consumer markets like many predicted, so many creative uses are being developed for these glasses. Consumers who have them love them and those who don’t, they’re missing out.


The PrimeCables VR headset for smartphones and games is a perfect gift for yourself or someone else, able to be adjusted according to pupil distance preference, head placement, and comfort levels.


Buy your VR 3D virtual reality glasses for $9.99 on-sale today for a limited time from PrimeCables. Check out some of the apps, software, and virtual reality opportunities available!

Get Ready as Apple is Testing its Newest iPhones with USB-C for the First Time

Any time Apple releases a new version of the iPhone, the smartphone industry gets into an upheaval about the new features and changes included. If the rumours are true, your old Apple sync and charging cables are about to become way outdated.

Buy primecables USB -C cable online

Apple has long been rumoured to be a fan of USB-C charging ports and have wanted to incorporate this technology into its devices. In an era where more of us are gravitating towards wireless, Apple is going with another path. Needless to say, this says a lot about the future of technology products as well as quality of the USB-C standard. Currently, Apple is testing its new line of iPhones with USB Type-C ports included – something which has understandably created controversy among some users.


Assuming Apple moves to USB-C, it’s a significant move away from Apple sync and charge cables which have been in circulation for years. Lightning cables have understandably proven to be incredibly popular among Apple enthusiasts. They’ve been in use on Apple smartphones since 2012. Comparatively, Samsung, Huawei, and other smartphone manufacturers adopted USB-C cables in response. Although some might disagree with having to purchase new USB cables, giving up lightning cables for USB Type-C cables could prove to be a positive in the long run.


USB-C is largely agreed upon to have the potential to exceed lightning cables in quality. The switchover is certainly going to be a tough one though. Apple smartphone users will have to replace their cables and chargers as well. The most recent version of the Apple iPad Pro has switched out lightning cables in favor of USB Type-C cables already.


Browsing PrimeCables, you can jump on board early with the USB-C standard as you like it. We have dozens of USB Type-C cables on-sale starting from $5.99 for a 1-metre USB-C cable or $5.99 for a Palette Series USB-C to USB-A cable at half a metre. If you’re still in the market for Apple lightning charging cables, we’ve got those as well. They start at $5.99 for a 1-metre Apple MFI-certified model or $11.99 for a 1-metre Nylon braided lightning cable.


As Apple is moving to a new standard, we all know what Apple charges for devices and accessories. For anyone who doesn’t want to pay premium prices and yet, still nab themselves a great quality USB cable for a low price, PrimeCables is where it’s at. Shop with us today to see the deals for yourself!

Everything you Need to Know about Buying a Smart Home Hub

Smart home hubs are one of those things you know you need for a true-blue smart home. Yet, hubs are something not everyone knows how they work. In this article, we hope to clear up some of the mystery and shine a light on what these hubs do.


After you come to be dealing with two, three, four or more smart home accessories, to have full control over everything a smart home hub is a necessity. As you might know, every product you buy to equip your home with generally comes with an app to control it. Especially if you’re blending in products from different manufacturers, a hub gets them working together – all controllable from a single smartphone app.


In its simplest form, a smart home hub gets all accessories jiving together. If you’ve previously experienced issues with remote access, a hub also resolves that issue. What that means is even if you’re not at home and you want to turn on your heat or schedule lighting to come on, you can only do so with remote access. Some systems don’t provide remote access without a hub. That’s a huge reason why more Canadians have come to purchasing a smart home hub.


Luckily, there are several smart home hubs out there doing a sterling job at helping people get control of their smart homes. The Orvibo ZigBee smart hub supports ZigBee-branded sensors, lighting, air conditioners, TV, curtains, screens, home appliances, and more for $33.85. There’s also the Panasonic smart home hub unit for home monitoring for $129.99.


If you’re looking to pick up a smart home hub for cheap, the best deal available are usually bundles. PrimeCables’ best smart home hub deal is the smart home security set complete with a smart home hub, smart camera, and two motion sensors for $67.99. There are also security sets involving window and door sensors, smart WiFi sockets, wall dimmers and switches, and more.


Having a dedicated smart home hub is essential if you’re upgrading your home to multiple devices. You’ll want it not only for the conveniences involved but also for the protocols and software that will keep people out from hacking. Protect every device and gain control from them in a single application. A smart home hub is almost like creating an ecosystem wherein every device can engage safely and securely.


Get your ZigBee smart home hub today from PrimeCables and enjoy savings you won’t find anywhere else. Have one hub to rule everything!

Has the Super Bowl Inspired you to Buy a New TV and Mount – get it from PrimeCables!

The big game has passed and the Super Bowl has ushered in the end of yet another NFL season. For those of us who don’t have the luxury of having a big flat-screen at home, we might go to a friend’s place to catch the game.


Now that that’s past though, do you really want to do another Super Bowl without your own upgraded, advanced tech flat-screen – probably not. If you’re looking to get a new TV and TV wall mount before next year’s Super Bowl, come to PrimeCables.

buy a new tv at PrimeCables.ca

Browse some of the best mid-sized TVs at the lowest prices in Canada. Choose from our top two favourites – a 32” high-definition flat-screen TV for $138.88, or a 43” 1080p flat-screen for $297.99. Depending on the size of your space, one of these may be more appealing than the other.


Needless to say, TV deals don’t come better than PrimeCables’. Anyone who wants to shell out $1,000s for a 4K TV, absolutely go for it. If you’re looking to save some money though, you can still get a great looking flat-screen without spending a ton.


After you have your flat-screen TV set up at home, you may want to prop it up with a TV wall mount. You can really get things looking amazing, just like if you were watching a movie at a theatre. And, again, you don’t need to spend $1,000s to get this look. Thousands of DIY home theater setups in Canada and the US spend only a few $100, and they’re able to have it all.


Browsing PrimeCables’ catalogue, you’ll find wall mounts such as a heavy-duty tilting model for $19.99, a full-motion model for $39.99, a dual LCD monitor desk mount if you’re handling flat-screen computer monitors as well for $39.99, and more.


Some of the top rated TVs and wall mounts in Canada can be found through PrimeCables. Before the next Super Bowl comes around, shop your best TV and mount from us. Receive fast, free shipping on all orders above $49. There’s also free returns and a 1-year product guarantee, ensuring you’re fully satisfied with the product you receive.


Also, you get the huge bonus of for the rest of the year sans Super Bowl, you’ll still have your entire home theater setup there to watch movies, binge-watch TV, and enjoy other sports. Please feel free to look at other home theater accessories from PrimeCables as well, such as 4K smart media streaming boxes, HDTV antennas, speaker systems, and more! Shop with us today.

See the Perfect Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Him from PrimeCables

Valentine’s Day gifts from one of Canada’s most loved brands are on-sale today. Browse PrimeCables to find the perfect Valentine’s Day tech gifts for him. These are just a few.


Premium HDMI Cable with Nylon jacket


An easy, inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift for a man deep into his home theater system is a gold-plated Nylon jacket HDMI cable. Although it’s not very flashy, a home theater system which doesn’t have some good HDMI cables behind it is weak. If you’ve already got your big gift selected, throwing one or two smaller gifts on top can help support the occasion.


Tilting TV wall mount for flat-panel TVs


If you’ve discussed switching things around in your living room or possibly buying a TV wall mount, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to surprise him. Choose from a basic tilting and curved model to more advanced types meant to accommodate larger flat-screens – like a full-motion articulating arm model or a full-motion above fireplace pull-down model.


Dual LCD monitor desk mount


If you’re buying for a gamer or someone who works in the arts with multiple monitors, a dual monitor desk mount can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Celebrate the holiday of love by giving them something they can use day-in and day-out. Using a monitor desk mount, it’ll help them clear off space from their desk and give them the chance to instantly upgrade their workstation or gaming station.


5-pack magnetic mount family pack


While we’re discussing mounts, an underrated Valentine’s Day is our pack of five magnetic mounts. Use them in the car, at home, or in the office. Mount smartphones and tablets, photos, and/or other similarly sized items. These magnetic mounts feature 250g of weight-bearing strength, a powerful neodymium magnet, and an adhesive base that allows it to be stuck almost anywhere.


Height adjustable sit standing desk


The last Valentine’s Day gifts for him to make it on our list is a gas spring assisted sit-standing desk. Although this isn’t a ‘tech gift’ per se, the way in which it can completely re-design a person’s workstation, it might give them new ideas for how to use their existing tech accessories. Through PrimeCables, you’ll find several height adjustable desks on-sale including some models under $100.


Valentine’s Day-themed products are predictable, usually expensive, and their impact is really only felt on February 14. Instead of shopping overpriced items at the mall, shop online with PrimeCables, grab your favourite Valentine’s Day gifts for him, and go beyond the limits of romance. Give him something he’ll actually appreciate and use! Shop PrimeCables today.

Canada’s Favourite Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Her on-sale Today

Searching for ‘Valentine’s Day tech gifts for her’ is a fine starting point for couples who don’t want all that mushy nonsense on February 14. A lot of Valentine’s Day gift guides focus too much on expensive heart-themed products or male-dominated R-rated sexiness. Why not get her something she can actually use – this is what we’re saying.


27” curved gaming monitor


Although more on the expensive side, a 27” curved gaming monitor in 1080p for $279.99 can be an unexpected Valentine’s Day gift ideal for a female gamer. Circumvent the possibility of pushing mushiness to the max and set her up with something nice that can be used to game, watch Netflix, binge-watch, and it’s small enough to set up in a bedroom or a kitchen if that’s your thing.


4K Android smart TV box


Supporting Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Twitter, and all sorts of streaming apps, if your girl’s been banging on about getting a smart TV or if your HD media player has recently broken down, a 4K Android smart TV box can be a great way to upgrade one’s home entertainment center. Buying anything like this though, you want to ensure it doesn’t come across like you’re buying yourself a gift. If the interest isn’t initiated by her, skip it!


Bluetooth soundbar and subwoofer


If your girl’s really into music and enjoys listening to music in her own time, a Bluetooth soundbar and subwoofer provides a connection to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and anything else – as well as being a great way to boost up your flat-screen’s sound. Forego the urge of giving something heart-themed and jump onto something like this which you know she’ll use on the regular.


USB Type-C charging cable


Let’s be clear in saying as amazing as a USB-C sync and charging cable is, it’s the type of Valentine’s Day gift that’s best combined with something else. Some of the features on this beautiful cable include being braided in metal, 1-metre in length, and it comes in a gorgeous rose gold color. If you have plans to buy her a tablet, a smartphone, or a similar device that requires charging, a USB Type-C cable like this will take you a long way in getting things just right.


Although we can appreciate a bouquet of flowers or a nice piece of jewelry, these Valentine’s Day gifts provide something different and equally heartfelt. Shop all these products on-sale until February 14 from Canada’s own PrimeCables.