What is the Difference between CMP, CMR, CM-CMG, CMX cables – read here!

If you’re in the market for residential or commercial cables, PrimeCables has got some great deals on a wide range of different options. That said, there are some key differences between CMP, CMR, CM/CMG, and CMX cables that you may want to note.

PrimeCables offers CMR, CMX cables cheap in bulk!
PrimeCables offers CMR, CMX cables cheap in bulk!

CMP cables

CMP cables are plenum cables. CMP cables are manufactured specifically to be used as network cable when/if said cable needs to be done in an air duct. Appropriate for both residential and commercial spaces, CMP cables do not combust and is considered fireproof. For example, if there is a fire on the cable, it melts and emits little toxic fumes.


CMR cables

CMR cables are riser cables and used for regular networking from room for room. As long as the cable does not require having to pass through an air duct, CMR cables are the ideal option. For example, if you drill a small hole in the floor of your second level, you can easily pass one of these CMR cables through from one level to another.


CM/CMG cables

CM/CMG cables are a commercial grade communication cable. In Canada, they are the most popular cable type for commercial application.


CMX cables

CMX cables are a residential grade communication cable, very popular in Canadian households across the country. CMX cables are typically used when the number of communication cables required is small. Thereby, they are perfect for smaller applications or those in residential settings.


Depending in the nature of your home build, renovation, or industrial project, these are some of the fundamental differences between CMP, CMR, CM/CMG, and CMX cables. Get all this and more at Canada’s top eCommerce source for cables, PrimeCables.


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