HDTV Antenna 101 – Your Guide To Free Over-The-Air TV in Canada

It’s a smart choice to cut off your cable bills and jump on the HDTV antenna bandwagon. Combined with Internet and streaming services, a TV antenna is a perfect accessory. Tap into real-time TV signals aired for free 24/7. No more monthly bills. HD-quality images and a range of programming.

Where Do I Buy A TV Antenna?

There are two differences in how HDTV antennas are built. There are antennas for indoor and outdoor use. There are also antennas differentiated by reach. The longer the reach, the more channels and signals you are likely to receive.

Some will say outdoor antennas are the best but, in most regions, you can buy an indoor HDTV antenna and more or less receive what you would receive outdoors. With how technology’s progressed, indoor antennas have come a long way.

The best place to buy an HDTV antenna for the best price is online through shops like PrimeCables.ca.

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How Do I Set Up My HDTV Antenna?

Direction is everything when you set up an HDTV antenna.

You may need to aim your antenna towards different directions, scan for channels, and see what it picks up. Experiment with it.

Experts will tell you that you lose about 50% of signal when it’s an indoor antenna but as stated earlier, this hasn’t exactly been our experience. If you do have an outdoor HDTV antenna, reconfiguring it can take a lot of work. You may want to research where the nearest broadcast towers are and to aim there as best as you can.

A lot of the channels you receive will be in Full HD quality though some may be less. It depends on the station as to whether they broadcast in HD or not and is not tied to the quality of your TV antenna so long as you do have a high-definition design.

What TV Channels Are Available Free Over-the-Air in Canada?

There is a long list of free over-the-air TV channels in Canada that may or may not be available to you. They include NBC, CBS, CBC, ABC, LAFF, GRIT, ESCAPE, CTV, CHCH, PBS, PBS Kids, FOX, MyTV, Global, YesTV, WNED, The CW, TVO, and others.

The amount of channels you can get varies on where you are located in Canada. It all relates to proximity to the nearest broadcast tower. Some cities get as many as 20-25 channels while rural regions may only receive 1-2 signals.

If you become a cord-cutter, you might miss live TV. With an HDTV antenna, you don’t have to anymore. Buy an HDTV antenna from PrimeCables.ca today and get free TV in HD quality you don’t ever have to pay for. It’s the perfect way to accessorize an existing home theater or entertainment setup. Find small indoor TV antennas starting at under $10 on sale for a limited time.

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