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Get Ready for Black Friday Shopping with this Power Bank which’ll Support you with Enough Battery to Browse

Black Friday 2018 sales are coming ! There may come a day when quick-charging long-lasting batteries are implemented into all of our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and digital devices. Needless to say, that day is not today. So until we get there, the next best thing is an external power bank. Almost a necessity, for the average Canadian who is always…

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What’s the Best Cheap USB Power Bank for under $20 – visit PrimeCables!

Are you looking for an inexpensive, affordable USB power bank – consider PrimeCables. Shopping with one of Canada’s fastest growing tech names in eCommerce, you’ll notice that we don’t compromise on quality. Remember, just because the price is cheap does not mean the product needs to be. Receive a quality USB power bank for cheap at a fraction of the…

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Get a Powerful External Battery for our Back to School Sale from PrimeCables!

Smartphones continue to be a must-have accessory for Canadians young and old. Issues regarding battery power has caused many Canadians to seek out powerful external battery banks. Using these handy devices, you can effectively take your smartphones anywhere and always have a little bit extra battery power on you to ensure it never loses a charge.   For PrimeCables’ special…

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Get the PrimeCables 5000mAh power bank battery for less than $15!

Searching for the best deal on a USB power bank battery then look no further than PrimeCables. Though it’s easy to seek out a USB power bank at any of your favourite tech-driven corporate retail stores, you might find yourself overpaying for something you can get for much less with PrimeCables. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce brands, we’re…

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