Get Ready for Black Friday Shopping with this Power Bank which’ll Support you with Enough Battery to Browse

Black Friday 2018 sales are coming ! There may come a day when quick-charging long-lasting batteries are implemented into all of our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and digital devices. Needless to say, that day is not today. So until we get there, the next best thing is an external power bank.

Shop PrimeCables during Black Friday 2018 deals: Pro tips
Shop PrimeCables during Black Friday 2018 deals: Pro tips

Almost a necessity, for the average Canadian who is always on the go, a power bank provides some added battery power to tap into whenever you need. When your smartphone or digital device is losing battery life and some added kick is needed, go to your power bank, plug in, and in minutes, you’ll have enough charge to keep you going.


Black Friday 2018 is a great time to pick up accessories like this, alongside larger products. Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and it’s a great place to shop through brands like PrimeCables, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, and others. At PrimeCables, for example, see price discounts as deep as 90% off, in addition to our regular terms of free returns, a 365-day product guarantee on all products, and ‘free shipping’ applied to any order above $49.


Shopping this Black Friday, seek out a high quality power bank to add to your smartphone accessories. PrimeCables has an amazing 10,000mAh power bank and external battery charger with USB Type-C USB-A dual output for under $20. Features on this external battery charger include 37 watts of power, overcurrent protection, the ability to power and charge any USB-powered devices, and automatic charging without any need to hold or tap a button. Even better, when you buy the PrimeCables power bank on Black Friday sale, you’ll receive a micro-USB charging cable as well.


Believe us when we say it’ll make a difference. Power banks charge rechargeable devices as needed. These external power packs contain batteries and circuitry to regular power output, ensuring any USB port connected to it via cable is optimized to minimize the charging time required.


Buy from a Canadian brand that is built by Canadians for Canadians. There is no better power bank in the market for under $20 that even comes close. Take it with you anywhere. Portable, our external power bank has a great feel to it and is a very solid, well-crafted device.


Shop your next external power bank on Black Friday sale with PrimeCables. Save hundreds off products ranging from USB accessories like this to PC accessories, smart home accessories, home theater products and so much more. Visit PrimeCables today.

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