8K UHD Video Cables to Get Your Home Theater Ready for What’s Next

The world’s loving their 4K right now but what home theater lovers know all too well is that 8K video’s already on the market.

The next iteration in high quality video quality is 8K, a significant step above its predecessor. Although streaming services like Netflix and cable TV providers haven’t introduced 8K video capability yet, when they do, we’re ready.

An underrated and large part in the 8K home theater buying process is the cables. After all, if you’ve got an 8K signal being transmitted on a 1080p cable, you won’t ever achieve the 8K experience. You’ve got to have 8K-ready HDMI cables to make it happen. The same issue occurred when the world moved from 1080p to 4K. Home theater owners had to upgrade all cables to 4K. Instead of waiting for that reality, prepare in advance.

Buy 8K HDMI cables ultra-high speed 48Gbps from PrimeCables today and be ready. Very inexpensive, they’re just like having a 4K cable expect the tech in them takes things even further. We also have 8K DisplayPort cables which are another way to approach getting your home prepared for the revolution that’s on the cusp of hitting. 8K TVs are here and while 4K’s become a standard, it’s almost made 4K old news. For now and in the future, 8K is where the home entertainment world is focused on.

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Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and cable TV channels are all exploring a potential upgrade to 8K level video content. It’s only a matter of time before it happens. Just to put that into perspective, 4K delivers a perspective of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. If you’ve seen it, we do not have to tell you, it looks amazing! Get ready to be blown away by 8K though, which a big perspective upgrade at 7,680 by 4,320 pixels. Not only that but 8K screens will arrive with more evolved upscaling features that helps to make older content look even better.

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Is now the time to switch to an 8K home theater system – that’s not for us to say. An easy, affordable purchase you can make to get your current system closer to 8K is through a readied HDMI or DisplayPort cable. Keep in mind there are already 8K TV models available to buy from Samsung, LG, and others. If you want to do 8K today, you absolutely can.

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Get all your 4K cables, 8K cables, and other home theater accessories from Canada’s PrimeCables. Get them sent right to your front door and equip your home entertainment setup with everything it needs to be absolutely top-of-the-line. 8K’s worth the upgrade, cable-wise. Purchase yours today.