How to Choose an Amplifier?

how to choose an amplifier


Major points to consider when choosing an amplifier varies depending on the person. Depending on the genre of music and/or the use of the amplifier, you may consider different amplifiers for different purposes. How many channels you require, how much power you need, what features you require, and the brand of the amplifier all matter.

The first thing you want to know is how you’re going to use it. Which amp you buy should be based on how many output channels and how much power is needed, above all else. Mono amps have one output channel. Mono amps like these are used to power subwoofers. Meanwhile, 2-channel amps are versatile with two output channels, have bridge capability, and is also a great way to power a subwoofer. A 4-channel amp evidently has the most options though there are higher channel amps available in the marketplace as well.

PrimeCables 30w class D amplifier
PrimeCables 30w class D amplifier

When it comes to how much power your amp should have, the answer is probably not as much as you think. To begin with, there are two different types of power ratings. There is ‘peak power’ which is what an amp can produce for a limited burst of power. Then, there is ‘RMS power’ which is how much power an amp can produce for an extended period of time. There will always be those who argue that more power is always better. The problem with this is that it comes at a cost and that cost is not always justified depending on how an amp is being used. As long as you are able to play all your music, loud and soft with no distortion on the signal, that’s really all you need.


Next, consider the features. Consider high- and low-pass filters, bass boosts, and speaker-level inputs. High-pass and low-pass filters play a role in boosting important frequencies. High-pass strips away lower frequencies, allowing higher frequencies to pass through and vice versa. By having these filters, you can better mix vocals and instruments to make them sound the way you want them to. Bass boosts do what you would think they, boosting the bass frequencies accordingly.


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