What is a Home Theater Hi-Fi Speaker Amplifier Used For – see here!

A speaker amplifier is a very basic home theater product that you’ll find employed in entertainment systems across Canada.

An amplifier works by taking low voltage signals from a source, such as a TV, and powering them with enough gain to use them in a pair of speakers. Building a surround sound home theater setup, you may choose a tube amplifier to give your sound the power you desire.

Canada’s own PrimeCables is a top source for home theater accessories, sound systems, and professional audio. In terms of speaker amplifiers, there’s one that has really caught our eye. The tube amplifier 25-watt stereo hybrid is a very impressive model and comes with a number of features that make it worth consideration for any home theater audio.

The most obvious of which is its Bluetooth capability which makes it easy to connect smartphones, tablets, laptops, and devices of any kind. Bluetooth is such a handy feature to have on any analog or digital audio home theater setup because it makes it easy for you to tap into from any electronic as long as said device also has Bluetooth built in. No cables necessary. So in a sense, a tube amplifier with Bluetooth gives a TV system but it’s also a home music center as well.

A tube amplifier like this comes with 25 watts of power which is a good amount for home theater. There are inputs for USB and RCA, the frequency response is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and as if its features weren’t enough, the deal gets even sweeter with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada as long as you buy from PrimeCables.

If you’ve never been satisfied with your home theater audio or think you can do better, a tube amplifier’s a start to re-building your home sound system. Hi-fi enthusiasts love tube amplifiers, as they allow one to completely customize the sound experience. When paired with the right speakers and cables, you can assemble a winning combination of pro audio products at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for a pre-designed system. For homeowners who use them, a tube amplifier is the centerpiece around which their audio’s built. With a tube sound, you’ve got more power. The PrimeCables 25-watt model uses two 6P1s and two 6N1s vacuum tubes in a classic, modern design. If you’re looking for a way to create amazing sound without paying overwhelming costs, shop it all at Canada’s own PrimeCables today.

Pro Audio, Speakers, Headphones, and More get MASSIVE Deals this July

Canada-only exclusive deals at PrimeCables this July hits upon professional audio lovers’ sweet spot. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to get some upgrades done on your home entertainment system’s sound, to pick up a good hair of headphones, or to buy an audio gift for a family member or loved one, here’s your opportunity. All you have to do is drop in on PrimeCables this July, add your favourites to your shopping cart, and cash out. From now to the end of the month, you can find a ton of pro audio speakers and headphones on sale.

Headphones or earbuds

Earbuds broken? Headphones starting to not work so well? All July long at PrimeCables, headphones and earbuds are available to be perused and picked up. Find wireless Bluetooth earbuds, premium headphones hi-fi DJ over-the-ear style, active noise cancelling headphones, and enhanced-bass noise-isolating earbuds. Don’t up your costs somewhere else. Find solid summer deals that you don’t need to wait around for some sales day to get. Music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify never sounded so good!

Surround sound speaker systems or soundbars

Have you ever been watching a movie where the audio was just so bad it made it hard to enjoy – yeah, us two. If you need better speakers for your home theatre system, don’t wait. Shop multimedia surround sound speaker sets or smaller, more space-efficient Bluetooth stereo soundbars. No matter what kind of space you’re working with or what your entertainment setup is, there’s something for everyone in our catalogue. Don’t spend a buck more than you need to. It’s so much nicer when your TV’s sound is equal quality-wise to the 1080p HD picture in front of you.

More pro audio gear

There’s so much more pro audio gear to discover that could easily pair up with your home entertainment system. See microphones and instrument accessories, and set up a little home-based musician’s corner. See mixers and amplifiers to match. Do you need a portable speaker? We got those. Find stage audio and stage lights you can use to design a rehearsal space or something special for yourself and your friends to play music in. Under pro audio accessories, exclusive sales can be found on height adjustable metal satellite speakers, adjustable background support stands, microphone stands, and more.

This July, make sure you’re getting the best price. Our catalogue year-round is always equipped with the best deals we can give. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, and have a look. Worth it to shop with PrimeCables? Absolutely.

Looking for a waterproof Bluetooth-enabled speaker? Check this out!

Waterproof speaker? Bluetooth speaker? Portable speaker? How about an all-in-one solution! Then you’re gonna wanna check out the BT 3.0 IPX5 waterproof speaker, on sale now for just $15.49 at PrimeCables.ca.

waterproof bluetooth speaker
waterproof bluetooth speaker

This versatile, heavy-duty and portable stereo-sound Bluetooth-enabled speaker can withstand rainwater, dust and snow, connect wirelessly to your mobile devices, PC, and home theatre hardware, and is perfectly engineered for music, radio, and phonecalls on-the-go, with a built-in microphone and FM radio-enabled 3.5mm auxiliary port, as well as a high-capacity polymer lithium battery, that lasts up to 3 or 4 hours, and which you can recharge with the included 5V MicroUSB cable.


This handy little speaker clips onto your backpack or handbag, and works great anywhere outdoors or at home, with multifunctional playback control buttons, SD card slot, intelligent audio decoder and breakpoint memory play function, so you never lose track of playback, as well as an LED light and headphone port.

Primecables bluetooth speaker
Primecables bluetooth speaker

With a wireless range of 15m, set it up at home and walk floor to floor with flawless audio playback wherever you go. Charge it up and start your day with a karaoke shower, hit the road on your bike listening to FM radio news, and take it with you to work to keep you rocking throughout the day. Afterwards, bring it to the beach with all your friends and let everyone take a turn playing their tracks from their smartphones or MP3 players while you party it up on the shores during another long, summer night. Your friends will love you for the high-quality stereo sound that fills the air with your favourite tunes.


Normally listed at $21.99, this sale is the perfect opportunity for you to get one for yourself and one as a gift for a friend or family member. All orders $49 and up qualify for free shipping to anywhere in Canada, and fast shipping is available for just $5.95 on any product at PrimeCables.ca.


Measuring at 122 x 34 x 50mm and coming in a stylish black finish, this is the ultimate solution and cheapest purchase for all your audio entertainment needs: hiking, rock climbing, cycling, camping, house parties, beach days, family vacations, backyard barbecues, picnics, pool parties, in the shower, in the kitchen, at the office, or on the road.


For all your audio entertainment needs, cheap electronics and home theatre solutions, as well as monthly deals, check out PrimeCables.ca today!

Make your room ROAR with our Tube Amp from PrimeCables.ca

PrimeCables Tube Amplifier
PrimeCables Tube Amplifier

Our tube amp, a 25W stereo hybrid Hi-Fi speaker amplifier with Bluetooth, is one of those home theatre accessories you cannot live without. Until June 5th, you can score this essential piece of hardware for $30 lower than usual, at just $119.99, with free shipping anywhere in Canada, as apart of our home theatre month deals.

This 25W stereo hybrid Hi-Fi speaker vacuum tube amplifier supports audio input by RCA, USB, and Bluetooth, with a 20Hz ~ 20kHz frequency response, two 6P1 and two 6N1 vacuum tubes, and 25 watts per channel of output power. Tube amps’ signature feature is the rich sound quality, and ours in particular gives you the power to crank the volume, drop the bass, and customize the output to fill your home theatre with a luxuriously warm sound.

A perfect centerpiece for your home theatre, our tube amp sports a sleek, brushed-metal front panel and high gloss piano black finish, as well as the futuristic vacuum tube aesthetic on top, and a classic layout of control options including bass, treble, play/pause, previous/next, input, and volume.

Measuring at 270 x 260 x 130mm and weighing in at 3kg, you can place it on your TV stand, shelf, or table, plug it in and rock the house! This is one of our all-time best selling units, upgraded with new specs and now on sale until June 5th.

You can check out this unofficial review on YouTube. (It’s the same items but different brand)

For sound junkies and engineers, here are the technical specifications you’re working with:

  • Input independence of 47kΩ
  • Input sensitivity of 300mV
  • Output impedence of 4-8 ohms
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) of ≤0.02%
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N) of ≥86dB
  • Input voltage range 100-120VAC 50/60Hz

This tube amp delivers clean, warm sound, with tight bass control, natural-sounding midrange, and stellar high-end, giving you a solution to playback for every genre of music, and with connectivity options for turntables, CD players, TV, smartphones, tablets, and PC, using the two RCA source inputs or Bluetooth, or even USB through the front panel, and headphone output like any standard stereo/amp.

PrimeCables has the best solutions for all your home theatre needs at the cheapest prices in the country. Free shipping is provided for all orders $49 and up, with fast shipping available for just $5.95. With warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, you can get your purchase in just a day or two anywhere in Canada.

Looking for Christmas Gift Ideas? Now is the Best Time when Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Here!

Black Friday is typically associated with the hysteria of retail shopping deals. Cyber Monday is thought of as deep cuts on high tech items that don’t always apply to the regular consumer. These days are far more than this though.

Save yourself thousands of dollars on Christmas gifts by taking advantage of the deals on these days. Knowing how to get the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to build up your Christmas gift list is just as much about knowing where to look as it is anything else.

Among the items in Prime Cables catalogue is this Mini Amplifier 30-Watt Class-D Hi-Fi & 6.5″ 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers Combo Pack. Though the market price is $234.98, we have cut down on this price lowering it to $99.99 across Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


This two-way bookshelf speaker provides smooth, acoustically accurate performance at the lowest price in Canada. There are a range of connectivity options to set this up, including banana plugs, spade connectors, pins, and bare wire. If you are in the market for bookshelf speakers, you won’t find a better pair than this. Audiophiles rejoice!


Experts will offer up all types of tips and tricks on how to save. Knowing what to look for and where to look is key though. Prime Cables goes beyond the limitations of corporate retail. Serving Canadians since 2007, we have consistently provided deep cuts, affordable pricing, and huge Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This season, don’t go anywhere else when you are searching for Christmas gifts.


A marketplace such as Prime Cables can also provide some ideas for accessories and complimentary Christmas gifts that you may have not have thought of. This is the season of some serious sales. Don’t miss out. Knock off at least some of that holiday shopping. Your to-do list will thank you for it. Lots of people get caught up in the big price cuts on items such as TVs. There’s nothing wrong with that but after you buy your TV, you need certain accessories to get it set up right. A TV wall mount or speaker system such as this might appeal to you. Prime Cables also has other options in its collection that we highly recommend checking out.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge opportunities to save money on Christmas gift shopping. Snag the best deals from Prime Cables this season and take a browse to map out what accessories you need to heighten larger gifts like TVs, instruments, entertainment systems, etc. Now is the time to buy.

It’s Time to get a New Sound Bar from Prime Cables’ Black Friday Sale

PrimeCables sound bar black friday
PrimeCables sound bar black friday


This Black Friday sale, get a high quality sound bar that has been optimized for your TV setup. Via Prime Cables, this stereo Bluetooth sound bar with universal sound bar mounting bracket combo comes in at only $59.99 for a limited time only. Buy today and receive free shipping on this item!


If you have been searching for a sound bar to add to your TV setup, this is the one for you. Installation is easy and can be matched either above or below a TV. The fact that it comes with a sound bar mounting bracket already included will make things that much easier.


The technology included in the sound bar is rather impressive as well and bears noting. Most evidently, the Bluetooth 3.0 technology included provides high quality sound that is easy to get going. There are multiple input options, a fully functional remote included, and subwoofer output available to add some bass for those that have subwoofers.


Better yet, buy this sound bar before 11:59 PM EST on October 22, 2017 and receive an additional 15% off when you use the code PRIMEWEEKEND on your purchase order!


Measuring 38”, this sound bar also features integrated deep bass which really heightens the theatricality of watching a movie or a concert on the big TV. Beyond an above average home theatre system speaker, having Bluetooth also means that it is easy to sync and stream music from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Having this sound bar in your home won’t disappoint and there is no better time to buy than now. Black Friday sales only come around once a year. Prime Cables does what it can to provide Canadians with sales that they can’t find in corporate retail, offering the best quality products at the lowest possible price.


Please feel encouraged to browse through for more information on this Bluetooth sound bar product. There are many five-star and four-star reviews to go by. Canadians have been coming to Prime Cables since 2007, searching for better deals than what are available to them in-store. This Black Friday, touch base with Prime Cables for this deal and others. For what you pay, you’re not going to find a higher quality model for this price.


Buy today, have it within days, and then you’re just a quick hook-up away from having a completely re-designed sound system in your home to enjoy for TV, films, and music!