5 Things To Consider When Buying A Full Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount

A high-quality full motion dual monitor desk mount will instantly improve your home office workspace.

Two monitors can take up a lot of space, even on a large desk. If you are flustered with the limited space you’ve got to work with on your office desk, you may want to think about taking your monitors up with a full motion dual monitor desk mount for 13”-27” monitors. Gain valuable real estate while offering a more impressive overall aesthetic.

Before you buy just any dual monitor desk mount though, here are 5 things to consider.

Monitor Height For A Mount

The height of your monitors and the monitor desk mount matters. You want to know you can elevate your screens to the height you’re expecting. Some mounts are limited in their scope. Furthermore, any oddly shaped monitors or those with a tall height could mean difficulty installing both of them in the mount.

Monitor Size For A Mount

Pay attention to the monitor size limits when buying a monitor mount. Each mount is designed to support a specific monitor size and weight. Exceeding that, you could run into fitting problems. Heavier or larger-than-recommended monitors in a mount will weigh it down and cause an undeniable hazard.

Adjustability For A Monitor Mount

A full motion monitor desk mount is best if you want maximum adjustability. That said, not all monitor mounts are full motion. Some are very limited in their movement. How you adjust the positioning of monitors is restricted by what your mount is capable of. To get the most function, find a mount that can turn, swivel, rotate, and that has that full motion capability.

Mounting Method For Your Mount

Monitor arms or monitor desk mounts usually attach to your desk either through a clamp or a grommet mount. Check beforehand to make sure the thickness of your desk is appropriate for what you’re using for a monitor mount.

How You Will Manage Monitor Cables

Cables make a silly mess. Try to think of what you can do to keep your cords organized. This is often as simple as wrapping them together with tape and feeding them down a cable management channel.

If you’re stuck at your computer for big chunks of the day, improve the ergonomics of your workstation and buy for yourself a full motion dual monitor desk mount from PrimeCables.ca today.

How To Install A Full-Motion Dual Monitor Mount

A full-motion dual monitor mount gives you maximum adjustability, allowing you to move your monitors with ease.

The beauty of a dual monitor mount is that you don’t need a lot of instruction to install it. So long as the specs match to your monitor, you are fully set to enjoy watching movies, gaming, working on your computer, and browsing the Internet in a whole different way.

Before You Buy A Dual Monitor Mount…

To properly install a monitor mount, the important thing is you have the right one. Mounts are divided up according to the size of monitors they hold. A dual monitor desk mount will only accommodate a certain size especially as the monitors have to sit side-by-side.

There are also weight restrictions to take into account. By putting too much weight on a mount, you compromise its integrity and run the risk of having a monitor collapse or fail to remain mounted.

A third spec to know – as if two wasn’t enough! – is the VESA specifications. A VESA pattern refers to how the mounting holes on the back of a monitor are arranged. You don’t want to drill mounting holes into your monitor, of course. The holes already have to be there. While you’re matching weight and size, do note whether the VESA pattern matches between monitor and mount.

How To Install Your Mount

Every mount is a little different but the best dual monitor desk mounts tend to use a clamp mechanism.

  1. Your dual monitor mount will install at the far edge of your desk. Tidy this area and get ready to set your mount there.
  2. Open the clamp mechanism and press the monitor mount into the width of the wood.
  3. Once you feel like it’s secure, tighten it from underneath. You may want to utilize some hand tools to ensure you’ve got it fully stable.
  4. After your mount is fully installed, the next step is to set each monitor in its mount bracket. Do the first monitor first, ensuring it’s stable and the screws fully in. Then, do the second monitor.
  5. Lastly, check to make sure your mount is strong and not struggling to keep your monitors up.
  6. As this is a full-motion dual monitor desk mount, you also will want to verify the arms are working correctly. If you notice difficulty in using the arm or are uncomfortable with its stability, check to make sure everything’s been properly installed.

It’s that easy. There’s really nothing to working with a full-motion dual monitor mount. The hardest part of installing a monitor mount is selecting the right one. You want to make sure everything’s fitting just right. Find yours at PrimeCables.ca.