Know what TV Wall Mount suits you before Black Friday Sales!

How to choose TV wall mount during Black Friday Deals (By PrimeCables)
How to choose TV wall mount during Black Friday Deals (By PrimeCables)

Trying to decide on a TV wall mount during a Black Friday sale will be a nightmare, if you aren’t prepared ahead of time with a specific model in mind. In the rush of competing with other shoppers to snag the best deals before items sell out, it’s easy to accidentally select a model that doesn’t suit your needs. Stay ahead of the crowd, by deciding between fixed, tilt, and full motion TV mounts that meet your TV specs, home layout, and entertainment needs.


Fixed mounts are the simplest, inexpensive mount that positions the TV flush to the wall, closer then any other style. A fixed mount offers no position adjustment, best for rooms where the TV will remain in the same position, viewed directly in front of the screen, and installed where there is total control over the lighting to avoid any glare.

The popular PrimeCables XL model LP37-69F provides an adjustable swivel arm feature to offer flexibility, allowing free tilting 15° up and down.

PrimeCables® Fixed TV Wall Mount for 60″ to 100″


Tilting mounts allow your TV to adjust vertically, tilting up and down with no horizontal movements, reducing glare from windows or reflections from lights. This style works ideally for installations where the TV is mounted above viewing level, allowing you to angel down to the viewer. It is ideal in a boardroom setting, mounted over a fireplace, or in a bedroom.

Heavy Duty Tilt Wall Mount Bracket 37″-70″


Full motion mounts offer the greatest range of movement, allowing the TV to tilt up and down, side to side, or pulled out from the wall to provide diverse viewing options. This full range flexibility ensures your TV can be positioned at perfect viewing angels to be seen from a variety of locations. This mount offers installation freedom for room layouts with lots of sun exposure or unconventional viewing areas, allowing creative options such as installing the TV into a corner.

PrimeCables® Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

Full motion mounts let you customize the TV angle to your changing viewing needs throughout the day, enabling you to continue watching your favorite shows while cooking, watching the kids, or completing house chores. Benefit from productive aspects by angling your TV to a work station, viewing DIY tutorials while actively working on projects. And at the end of the day, enjoy total entertainment freedom by angling the TV to host varied seating options for your family or guests.


Take advantage of PrimeCables Black Friday deals, on masterfully crafted items that offer savings that surpass already affordable original prices. Benefit with the ease of quick home delivery, and simple installation instructions!

Your Black Friday TV wall mount list

Between fixed, tilt, or full motion TV wall mounts, you are now prepared to select a style tailored to your needs, elevating your home into the highest quality viewing experience for years to come.

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