Best Budget Networking Cable Connection Upgrades during Black Friday

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With the bustle of holidays around the corner, ensuring that your residential or commercial network connection is functioning at high capacity is a necessity. And with PrimeCables Black Friday sales offering affordable solutions, it is the perfect time to upgrade your network connections for current reliability and to keep relevant in the future.

With the network becoming more important than ever, performance, reliability, and security are priorities to keep your network upgraded. The need for higher speed is required by a demand for faster access to the server, where applications require more bandwidth through the cabling system. While Ethernet cables in general have undergone significant development over the years, there are current decisions to consider between what cable offers the best upgrade for your networking connection.

While the newest CAT6 and CAT7 cable options both deliver significantly greater performance, which one is best for updating your current and future residential or commercial network needs on a budget?

CAT6 Ethernet Cable

CAT6 utilizes an exceptionally thick plastic casing that helps further reduce the interference of crosstalk, through improved shielding and twisted cable design of an internal separator that isolates pairs from one another. The cross structure separates the 4 UTP’s, reducing crosstalk and return loss keeping nosing electromagnetic waves away, minimizing effects of interference while maximizing the stability of signal transition. The CAT6 cable offers great transmission speed up to 1GBPS, a performance up to 550MHz, and has a total capacity up to 10-Gigabit of Ethernet data. For those who would like to future-proof their residential or commercial network as much as possible on a budget, CAT6 is more than sufficient to significantly upgrade your network and remain relevant for the future.

CAT7 Ethernet Cable

If you are contemplating whether it is worth it to consider CAT7 cable, it does differ from preceding Ethernet cable standards for CAT6 in some ways. With a higher bandwidth, its suitable for installing in strong RFI and EMI environment. One of the greatest advantages of the CAT7 cable is the shielding of its twisted pairs, which significantly keeps signal and improves noise resistance. While being a more expensive option, CAT7 cable is considered the most durable and has a longer lifespan than CAT6. Investing a bit more in the CAT7 cable is improving an overall return on investment, and alternatively could the best choice for wiring with the future in mind.

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Take advantage of considerable savings on PrimeCables Black Friday sales event! Not only is it the perfect time to invest into much needed network upgrades on a budget, but the quality of your network will be thoroughly prepared going forward into busy holiday seasons and a bustling future. PrimeCables offers a lifetime warranty on their cable products, guaranteeing you benefit from the best quality cables for future years to come when performance, reliability, and security in a strong network connections is needed more then ever.  

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