Can You Mount a TV in a Corner – Yes, You Can!

Mounting a flat-screen TV presents a more theatrical and immersive experience. A TV wall mount gives an all-around more impressive aesthetic to one’s home theater system as well. In some rooms, unfortunately they are limited by light and space dynamics, and a flat wall to mount on isn’t always available.

Depending on your furniture, you may actually find it more beneficial to use a corner TV wall mount. A corner wall mount isn’t that much different from mounting on a flat wall. You will still require a stud finder to locate the most reliable areas of the wall to use for support. A slight challenge can be finding the right angle and coordinating that to your seating. This can take experimenting but once you have this configured correctly, the rest of the installation process comes relatively simple.

Now that there are corner TV wall mounts available, this opens up the possibility of maximizing space in a room without sacrificing quality of viewing. For example, many rooms only have a couple walls that could potentially be used to mount a TV. Any walls facing a window or light source are immediately disregarded because of glare issues or reflection. Sometimes what a homeowner’s left with isn’t ideal. Now that you have the corners to work with as well, it really provides you with the chance to design an optimum home theater system for you.

When you look for a corner TV wall mount, it’s better to go with a full motion model than a low quality basic. Here’s why. Corners can also have lighting and reflection issues. You can also run into trouble if seating arrangements change or if you are watching with a lot of people as opposed to being alone. A full motion corner TV wall mount has added functionality, allowing users to angle, swivel, and tilt it according to whichever is the optimum position.

Another understated benefit is that when you have a flat-screen mounted in a corner, the backside has a lot of storage potential for HDMI cables, A/V cables, power supplies, and more. Comparatively, with a regular wall mount, it can be slightly more difficult to hide such cables, accessories, devices, and consoles.

Selecting the right mount for your home should start with ensuring the VESA specifications and weight match. After that, you just need to find the best position for your flat-screen and you’re good to go. The installation process is virtually identical to a standard TV wall mount. If you’ve installed a wall mount before, you’ll be well set up to do it again.

So many households watch TVs set in a corner, usually on a table or stand. If you’ve always wanted to mount your flat-screen while maintaining the same seating arrangement, you can! A corner mount’s perfect. Get yours today from PrimeCables.

Full Motion Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket

See the Benefits to a Full-Motion Pull-Down TV Wall Mount You Can Put Over Your Fireplace

So you’re giving some thought to mounting your flat-screen and are considering a full-motion over-the-fireplace styled TV wall mount to get it done.

There are a lot of reasons why people decide on a pull-down mount for their flat-screens. Contrary to perception, these heavy-duty mounts are relatively easy to install and as long as they’re properly installed, aren’t the least bit dangerous.  Compared to other models, these are just a few advantages to going with a pull-down mount.

Saves space.

When not in use, you fold up a pull-down wall mount right to your wall. When in use, you pull it down and you get a premium home theater experience right there for the taking. For homeowners or renters in small rooms, condos, or working with a limited area, pull-downs are a recommended purchase.

They’ll keep TVs up to 70” safe.

If you have a medium to large flat-screen TV, you can rely on a heavy-duty pull-down TV wall mount to keep it secure and in place. Regardless of what material you’re installing your mount into, this is far from a cheap model.

Maximum viewing flexibility.

An over-the-fireplace pull-down TV wall mount is the most flexible viewing experience you can have with your home entertainment setup. For example, Canada’s top seller of TV wall mounts PrimeCables’ pull-down mount has a tilt when pulling down, swivels 30 degrees either way, and boasts full-motion capabilities.

Toolless adjustment.

You don’t need any sort of tool or specialized knowledge to pull-down your TV wall mount. No difficulties exist whatsoever in adjusting the angle of your flat-screen. You can pull it down and fold it back up readily any time. It even has an easy-grip handle which makes setting it into placement a fast, safe, and simple process.

Cable management.

Smaller more basic TV wall mounts oftentimes are very bare in the sort of features offered. The basic mounts are more targeted towards small to medium sized TVs and aren’t meant to do anything more than hold the screen in place. With a pull-down model, you have more parts, features, and advantages, one of them being added cable management. Very easily, set up HDMIs, USBs, and any audio or video cables you need connected.

A more luxurious look.

Let’s face it, a full-motion TV wall mount is impressive to look at and can add some luxury to a home theater system. If you’re really looking to make an impression on someone or give your home a media and entertainment room it can be proud of, a mount like this is going to accomplish just that.

Get your over-the-fireplace, pull-down TV wall mount from Canada’s best PrimeCables. See the benefits yourself as you install it in your living room, bedroom, or condo. Suit up your home entertainment center with something heavy duty, space-saving, and impressive!

Should I Get a Tabletop TV Stand or a TV Wall Mount

TV wall mounts are tremendously popular in today’s home theater, media, and entertainment technology community. That said, not everyone’s so excited about them. For some, a simple tabletop TV setups is still ideal. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both, tabletop TV stands and TV wall mounts. Here are some of the reasons you may take one over other.

TV wall mounts

TV wall mounts really create the sense that you’re watching a film, television show, sports game, or media in a theatre setting. It looks professional, high-class, and can transform the media entertainment system experience if you haven’t used one before. There are also a number of different TV wall mount types to choose from, including more affordable basic models for under $7 and gradually more expensive ones depending on what features you want. You can add a tilt, swivel, full-motion, or pull-down over-the-fireplace type mount.

There aren’t really any big drawbacks to TV wall mounts except for the fact that some rooms aren’t built to handle them. If you don’t have an ideal wall to install a mount on, that could motivate one to go with a tabletop stand.

TV tabletop stands

TV tabletop stands are meant to sit on a table and hold your HD flat-screen suspended. It’s identical to a wall mount except of instead of mounting it to a wall, you’re simply elevating the screen up and slightly above the table. People prefer TV tabletop stands at times because the height’s adjustable, they feel the installation is more secure when it’s fixated to a flat surface as opposed to a wall, and managing a lot of cables, consoles, media boxes, HDTV antennas, or other sources of media is more accommodating.

The biggest disadvantage of a tabletop TV stand is that it takes up space. With a wall mount, screens are put up against a wall which means no space taken away from a room. Using a tabletop stand, you’re in need of a table obviously.

Which one’s better?

If you have a lot attached to your TV, a tabletop TV stand’s can be set up on something where you’ll be able to install all those consoles and devices. Using a TV wall mount, you’ll need to set up mounts for each device.

If you’re looking for a slicker, cleaner setup and have minimal devices to hook up, a TV wall mount’s a great option. You can combine it with some speaker mounts or speaker stands and really give it the look of a high-class, luxurious home theater setup.

Mount your TV while Keeping Things Simple, Fast, and Easy

The process of installing a TV wall mount and then, mounting your flat-screen can take time and effort. Done incorrectly and you could wind up with a damaged wall or TV. Unfortunately, poor TV wall mount installations are common. Equipment not mounted to studs and/or not enough screws are two of the several mistakes one can make when trying to mount. Alternatively, here are a few ways to keep things simple, fast, and easy.


Plan ahead.


Knowing what devices you need to connect, the cables you’ll need, your speaker system, and any shelving units or cabinets required to house your devices, make a plan as to how you want to proceed. You may choose to use certain devices wireless while in other households, it may be better to go with a wired Ethernet connection. Light, wall support, and height all need to factor in, when deciding where to place your TV wall mount.

Buy tv wall mount from PrimeCables with fast free shipping
Buy tv wall mount from PrimeCables with fast free shipping

Buy the correct cables.

You don’t want to have everything in its right place only to find out you don’t have the right cables or enough of them. If you’re concerned about the number of cables you have, consider a surge protector to keep things safe and hazard-free. You will also want to buy some cable ties if you’re going to have more than two or three cables. These ties can help keep wire together and organized.



Every electronic device needs space to ventilate, as they all create heat which can damage them or shorten their lifespan. Therefore, ensure you’ve left a little space behind the TV set to ensure it does not overheat in any way. Any cabinetry you use for devices should also have ventilation holes to allow heat to escape. For device-heavy households, they may choose to install a cabinet cooling fan if everything’s locked in.


Use the studs.

The best advice we can give anyone when it comes time to affix your mount to the wall is to find the studs and use them. There is no point in mounting a flat-screen if there aren’t studs to attach the mount to. Be sure to use a stud finder and use those studs as a means of securing your wall mount. They will help in ensuring the weight of a flat-screen does not cause any damage to the wall.


Using these tips, we’re confident installing a TV wall mount will be simpler, faster, and easier all-around. Choose from Canada’s best TV wall mounts today at PrimeCables.

The Best Above Fireplace TV Wall Mount on sale now at

Your home theatre isn’t complete until you’ve got a TV wall mount. It can be challenging if you have a large display or fireplace in the way of putting your television front and centre. Introducing the PrimeCables® Full-Motion Above Fireplace Pull-Down TV Wall Mount For 43″-70″ TVs, on sale now until the end of September for just $129.99, including free shipping nationwide.


This large display wall mount can be securely installed in wood, masonry, or concrete walls, bearing a load of up to 35kgs., that’s foldable and easily adjustable using the handle underneath.


It extends downwards, allowing you to view the screen above or in front of your fireplace, depending on what you’re watching. If you’re listening to a concert, radio, or just want some background noise, push the TV upwards. If you’re watching the game, playing a game, or sitting down for the next episode of your favourite series, then pull it down to a comfortable viewing angle and kick up your feet.


It swivels, pivots, and turns, so no matter where you’re sitting in the room, you can guarantee a comfy view for everyone. Check out all the features in our brief YouTube video demonstration.


Better yet, the PrimeCables® Full-Motion Above Fireplace Pull-Down TV Wall Mount has a gas spring structure and cable management design, so it moves easily and looks elegant, whatever your setup.


The DIY installation is simple and it can be mounted in any type of solid wall or double stud structure. Add our quick little install demo video on YouTube to your Watch Later list and review it when your package arrives.


It’s got a steel-made body with powder coating and fits VESA-compatible mounts: 200 x 200, 300 x 200, 300 x 300, 400 x 200, 400 x 300, 400 x 400, and 600 x 400. You can even mount curved displays.


It’s safe, comfortable, and affordable and on sale all month long.


We’ve got shipping warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you’re ordering from, you can get it within about a week anywhere in the country, two weeks tops. If, for whatever reason, you need it quickly, as a present or housewarming gift perhaps, then just add fast shipping to it in the shopping cart for $5.95 and receive it in a day or two, anywhere coast to coast.


For all your home theatre accessories and needs at the lowest prices possible visit us today at!



The Ultimate Guide to Buying a TV Wall Mount for summer from PrimeCables

Summer provides some amazing opportunities to tune up the home entertainment setup. Buying a new TV is typically associated with sales events like Black Friday. In the summer though, buying a TV can still net some savings.


As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies in Canada, PrimeCables has several high-definition TV accessories and home theater accessories to choose from. A TV wall mount is one of our consumers’ favourites and is an amazing way to upgrade a home entertainment center. After all, a TV wall mount will get your TV affixed to the wall, suspending it in the most theatrical and immersive configuration for TVs, movies, sports, news, and more! Take time this summer to buy the ultimate TV setup before winter sets in. Believe us when we say that something as simple as a wall mount will have a huge impact on the way you consume and binge-watch media.


There are literally dozens of TV wall mounts to browse from PrimeCables. The most popular in summer 2018 is easily the PrimeCables® Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for 37″ to 70″ Flat Panel TVs. Complete with a lifetime warranty and free shipping included to anywhere in Canada, enjoy this full-motion TV wall mount with the ability to extend, tilt, swivel, and rotate up to 110 pounds. This summer, we just had the biggest World Cup of all-time. In anticipation of the big event, we had so many Canadians come to us seeking wall mounts to properly present the spectacle. Buying a wall mount has never been easier thanks to PrimeCables deals, discounts, and promotions being hosted all summer long.


There are plenty of less expensive TV wall mounts in the PrimeCables catalogue however they come with less mobility. If you been thinking about doing the upgrade for a long time, there’s no better time than now. PrimeCables’ summer 2018 sales are in full swing. Wrap your head around exclusive deals on TV wall mounts priced as low as $5.99 for a limited time!


Needless to say, there’s a lot of options out there when it comes to selecting a TV wall mount for the home. Depending on your room’s configuration, how many people you intend to have watching, and more, we’re sure you’ll know the right wall mount when you find it. This summer, use the eCommerce pages of PrimeCables to find the perfect wall mount for your needs.

Get your Father’s Day Tech Deal in Advance


Dad being hard to shop for is nothing new to us. Believe it when we tell you that a lot of us at PrimeCables have fathers like that. For the dad who already has everything, here are some Father’s Day tech deals and products you can buy in advance to set you up for the perfect Father’s Day 2018.

PrimeCables Father's Day Techy Deal
PrimeCables Father’s Day Tech Deal

TV wall mounts and stands are very popular among fathers who are inclined towards home theater systems and home entertainment. Imagine being able to hang the flat-screen on the wall like a painting and adjust viewing for the optimum angle. See movies, sports, TV, and concerts in a whole new way. Around this time of year, your father might not be expecting a gift like this – that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A TV wall mount and/or stand is a product that fathers use every day. For those hard to shop for, this can be an inexpensive way to upgrade the home entertainment experience and do something he will really appreciate.


Most fathers will usually take the position on Father’s Day that they have everything they need or want. For the fathers who have a home office or who have dreams of a home office, shop with PrimeCables for ergonomic accessories, office sit-stand desks, monitor desk mounts, and more. Easily design and re-design a father’s home office, and provide them with a little bit of an upgrade over the traditional. If your father is interested in new office technology, combining a high-tech sit-stand desk with a monitor desk mount can be a great way to entice them.


There are countless other Father’s Day gifts in the PrimeCables catalogue that might be of interest, including select items on Father’s Day discounts up to 70% off. Consider the 3 in 1 Full Motion Wall Mount for TV 37″- 70″ with 6ft HDMI Cable & Organizers for $43.99, the Magnetic Car Mount, 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder for $4.99, the Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release Selfie Timer for $6.99, the Adjustable Satellite Speaker Wall Mount (Max 7.7LBS/3.5Kgs) – Set of 2 for $9.99, or the PrimeCables® Ultimate Universal Cell Phone/Pad Magnetic Mount 5 Pack Family Value Pack for $19.99.


The lead up to Father’s Day is always a busy time for PrimeCables. We know how expensive some Father’s Day techy deals can be so we do our best to keep prices as affordable as possible. When you shop with PrimeCables, know that all orders above $49 receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee already included. So to browse the ultimate Father’s Day deals and promotions, visit PrimeCables today.