How to Choose an HDMI Cable


Selecting an HDMI cable for your entertainment setup can be a difficult if you don’t know what you want.

Among the options that we provide, these include your standard series high-speed HDMI cables. Starting from as low as $3.99, these are your basic high quality HDMI cables provided at the lowest price possible. There are flexible HDMI cables, providing a connection at any angle as you need it. Protect the internal ports with an easy HDMI connection that will fit in tight spaces. There are also use in-wall HDMI cables with a CL2 rating jacket designed to burn slower. Safe for use inside or through the wall of any residential unit, these start from $3.99 and up, and of made of the highest quality.


Delving further into our connection, among the best-selling HDMI cables available is the most popular Nylon jacket protection HDMI cable. Starting from $9.99, you get the superior performance you want in an HDMI cable alongside a reliability for extended use. The shielding of the cable is wrapped in Nylon, protecting it from wear and tear, pets, and the cable breaking. When it comes to performance, the #1 HDMI cable in Canada is arguably the HDMI 2.0 for Real 4K. Starting as low as $8.49, this licensed high-speed HDMI with Ethernet supports 4K at 60 HZ.


If you don’t know which one of these items is the most appealing to you, we recommend browsing the table published here which provides a little more information on the advantages and details of each.


How to choose the right HDMI cable involves knowing how the cable is going to be used and what its primary responsibility is. There are different cables with different features that they support. The level of video resolution can be different between different cables as well. Most home applications of HDMI cables, for example, would be satisfied with a standard series HDMI cable which will reliably transmit 720p and 1080i video. There are some cables that will go to 1080p and beyond, including with capabilities to provide 3D and 4K video support. That said, others might prefer an HDMI cable with a dedicated Ethernet channel which allows for sharing and device networking across an internet connection.


As evidenced, there exists a number of options and considerations to make. Any well-made HDMI cable should provide a comfortable, reliable viewing experience. Compared to other cables, going with HDMI is a trusted choice and one well worth making if you’re looking to take your connection to the next level.

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