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How to Set up and Use Multiple Monitors in your Office at Cheaper Cost

If you have multiple monitors going in the office, it’s not uncommon to be struggling a little bit. Music producers, graphic designers, video editors, gamers, writers, artists, and office managers all struggle with maximizing the space on their monitors. Therefore, when it comes to working with multiple monitors in the office, the best thing we can recommend is a dual…

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The Best Things to Buy on Black Friday

  The wait is almost over. Consumers that have been looking towards Black Friday for months are about to be awarded for their patience. Before heading into the shark tank that is Black Friday though, it’s important to know what you’re going in for. There are some products more likely to be discounted than others. Make your quest for Black…

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What Speaker System should I Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great days to invest in a speaker system. Choosing what kind of speaker system you want and where you might want to go to get the best deal can be tough.   For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Prime Cables is sweetening the pot with the code PRIMEWEEKEND which takes an additional 15% off…

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How to Choose an HDMI Cable

Selecting an HDMI cable for your entertainment setup can be a difficult if you don’t know what you want. Among the options that we provide, these include your standard series high-speed HDMI cables. Starting from as low as $3.99, these are your basic high quality HDMI cables provided at the lowest price possible. There are flexible HDMI cables, providing a…

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Top 5 Things to Consider While Buying Wireless Headphones on Black Friday!

With the advancement of the wireless technology headphones are the hottest product on the market wooing consumers with the amazing functionality they offer to ensure enhanced sound quality and ease of use. However since there is so much to offer when it comes to wireless headphones it is important to understand what are your specific needs then finding the right…

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Monitor Desk Mount Diversity: Upgrade to the Workstation You Deserve!  

Employees attempting to upkeep a healthy productive lifestyle in the workplace are no longer leaving that decision to their employers. While waiting endlessly on budget approval for necessary workstation upgrades that never come, employees are taking matters into their own hands by personally investing into their workstation to benefit immediate lifestyle changes. While the Sit-Stand Desk has brought a fundamental…

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How to Choose the Right USB Type-C Cable To Prevent “Device Homicide”

The USB Type-C Cable is a new universal connector, which many smartphones, tablets and laptops are now using that provides advanced features such a reversible port with bi-directional capabilities, and power delivery up to 100watts just to name a few. While the demand for the latest & greatest devices are being met, manufacturers are still in the early stages of…

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