What to Shop for during Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Knowing what to shop for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and where to go to get the best deals in Canada is an art. By knowing where to look and what to buy, you can save yourself literally hundreds of dollars.


Prime Cables is a popular destination for many Canadians during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Since 2007, we have been serving the Canadian marketplace and are very much a Canadian-made business. We pride ourselves on offering the best discounts in the marketplace and every Black Friday week, we make a huge deal out of it! To any of our past customers, they’ve saved a pocketful of money taking a bite out of early deals. Don’t hold out for a better bargain. These prices are absurdly low and are not going to stay there forever. Be sure to take advantage while they last!


Any orders from Prime Cables above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada. If you are not buying anything big, combining a few different items into an order to boost it over $49 can reap you some good savings in shipping alone. For this special Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in addition to the mark-downs and sales pricing that we have already initiated, using the code PRIMEWEEKEND nets you an extra 15% off any order!


Prime Cables has shipping locations in both Montreal and Vancouver. Any order should be shipped rather quickly and within days, you should have everything. Each item comes with a 1-year guarantee so if anything seems out of place, be sure to let us know!

Get a full view of the Prime Cables Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales catalogue here. There are massive deals going on cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools and appliances, and audiophile and instrument accessories, among other items. These hot deals are ongoing until the Black Friday week is up on 11:59 PM EST on October 22. It’s not a bad time to take a quick browse. There are a number of new tech accessories we carry that may inspire you to make a purchase and convert your existing professional office, home entertainment setup, or smart phone into something more. These are all great purchases to consider on Cyber Monday or Black Friday. Never before has Prime Cables released this quantity of deals. Browse thoroughly and save yourself the inconvenience of having to pay full price later in the year.


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