Best Deals On Camping Tech and Must-Have Summer Travel Accessories 2021

You have a choice. Go prepared. Or don’t. We all want to be enjoying our summer travel and camping trips but when we don’t bring at least a few important accessories or tech with us, challenges come up awfully quick.

Here is your 2021 summer and fall guide to the best deals in Canada on camping tech and accessories for travel.

Magnetic Car Mount

You’re driving and you know where you’re going. You just don’t entirely know the way there. A magnetic smartphone car mount puts your phone’s GPS front and center, allowing you to understand where to turn and how much longer it’ll be until you’ve arrived.

Power Bank Battery Charger

Eventually, when camping, your phone will need a charge. You won’t be somewhere to give it one. That is, unless you have a 5,000mAh power bank to pull out of your pocket with a USB smartphone cable.

E3173 primecables cab tp 130 power bank 5000mah power bank battery charger type c usb a dual output primecables

AirTag Silicone Case

If you are concerned about losing something of a high value to you, use an AirTag and silicone case to set a tracker on it. So long as you are within 30 feet of what’s missing and you own an iPhone, you can locate it.

Breathable Mesh Heat Dissipation Case

Ensure your iPhone never overheats while it’s in use, no matter how hot the temperature. This breathable mesh heat dissipation case is the perfect container for your smartphone, with air circulating around and away from it.

Portable Car Jump Starter

A portable car jump starter you can charge beforehand and toss in your car on the trip to your camping destination. Especially if you’ve had car battery issues in the past, a way to jump-start everything may be the difference between getting you back on the road and being totally stranded and waiting.

F74d2 primecables cab pc 10206 battery charger 10000mah portable car jump starter auto battery booster and phone charger primecables

USB Metal Braided Cable

They don’t make them more heavy-duty than a metal-braided USB cable. Always have a spare ready.

0fd0e primecables cab u2ac sg usb 2 0 primecables usb 2 0a to usb c charging sync mental braided cable space grey

Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote

A selfie Bluetooth wireless remote allows you to document your travel in photos and video more easily. Just position your camera and use the remote to take the picture. There’s no struggling with a selfie stick or nothing. It’s easy.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to have fun and put on some music while setting up the campfire or cooking in the backyard, try a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Feel free to bring it by a pool, river, or stream, or even to the beach.

A little bit of tech never hurt no one. As much as you want to get away on a camping trip, be ready for anything. Visit today to look at Canada-only deals on camping accessories for summer travel. For a limited time only.

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