Black Friday Shopping Tips from Prime Cables’ Editors Selection

what an ergonomic office should look like in 2017
what an ergonomic office should look like in 2017

Black Friday is a big day for retailers and online shopping throughout Canada. Prime Cables is proud to offer a range of significant discounts and deals, including on sit-stand desks and ergonomic and adjustable desks.


Get going Early


Don’t wait late in the morning to start shopping. Every retailer has limited supplies of what they’re going to sell on Black Friday. Even in the week of deals and savings leading up to Black Friday, there are only limited items available. Track deals leading into Black Friday and if you can get something checked off your list before the big day, do so.


Know the Deals out there


Invest the time to get to know where you can get the best product for the best price. The last thing you want to do is to arrive at Black Friday unprepared. Browse ads in print and online. Compare prices between corporate retailers and online marketplaces to find where you can save the most. There are so many discounts and coupons out there that it can be difficult to track where is best to invest your efforts.


Do some Shopping online if you Can


Trying to make it through retail on Black Friday is going to be a huge hassle. It’s not easy so try to get out of the way some of your items via e-commerce platforms such as Prime Cables beforehand. The week leading up to Black Friday is typically filled with numerous deep discounts on accessories and items that can help save you time and stress on your shopping day.


Consider being Loyal to Select Brands


Typically the more you buy with one company, the better the discounts get.  Loyalty programs come with their own sales and promotion opportunities as well. For example, with Prime Cables, knock off more with exclusive promo codes and get free shipping on any order above $49.


Don’t go above Budget


Give yourself some leeway to overspend but have a maximum number in mind. Don’t go above that under no circumstances. It’s easy to overspend on Black Friday. Sticking to a budget will ensure you don’t regret making purchases you can’t afford to make so close to Christmas. Decide ahead of time what your budget is and where your numbers are at.


Just Because it’s Cheap does not mean it’s a good Deal


The purpose of Black Friday may be to save money however buying bad product can end up biting you back at a later date. Do a little research into exactly what is included with the product and know what you’re buying.

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