Don’t be Victim to Holiday Theft, buy a Smart Home Solution for Better Safety

In the United States alone, every year there are as many as 11 million households are affected by holiday theft. This can come in the form of break-ins, package theft, and others. If you have been one of the unlucky ones who has experienced package theft or holiday theft in Canada, you may want to consider investing in a smart home security kit such as the one we have at Prime Cables.


The Orvibo® Wireless Smart Home Security Kit w/ Motion Sensor, Door Window Sensor, Camera and ZigBee Hub is a highly acclaimed all-access security solution that will keep your property safe from intruders. The installation is easy, the configuration is even easier, and as a homeowner, you will have access to all sensors and cameras in a single app anytime, anywhere. Think about the peace of mind you will get from setting up sensors or cameras at your doors, windows, and in locations around the property. No more worrying about anything being stolen. The full package comes with 1 smart hub, 1 motion sensor, 2 windows/door sensors, and 1 smart camera – all at a package price of $139.00!


The holidays are the perfect time of year for a criminal to orchestrate a break-in. By timing it right, your home can be unattended to for hours, leaving valuable space for someone to get in and out no problem. This Orvibo wireless smart home security kit is the beginning to putting an end to that. Firstly, it gives you everything you need to maximize security on your property. Secondly, it turns your home into a smart home. From here, if a homeowner wants, they can continue adding different smart home accessories to their existing security kit to form a more complete smart home.


Needless to say, the price will never be better to buy a home security kit for the holidays. At Prime Cables, we also have a number of additional accessories to add should that be of interest. For any beginner though, we strongly recommend the Orvibo wireless smart home security kit. It will monitor your home when you are not there to oversee it. Say goodbye to the possibility of thefts and guard against crime on your property.


Don’t be one of the unlucky consumers who are essentially left to their own devices when trying to recover stolen items. The inconvenience of tracking a theft with local law enforcement is sometimes an impossible task to accomplish.


Invest in the Orvibo® Wireless Smart Home Security Kit w/ Motion Sensor, Door Window Sensor, Camera and ZigBee Hub today and stay safe.

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