Stock up on Ergonomic Accessories this Black Friday


Ergonomic office furniture is hitting it big in 2017 with sales hitting an all-time high in the category. Every day, more Canadians are choosing to optimize their office setups to make them more ergonomically friendly. Ergonomics is all about reducing fatigue and discomfort in the body, providing you with longer endurance when working and higher productivity all around. As more people are buying ergonomic accessories alongside with bigger items such as sit-standing desks, Prime Cables thought it important to ensure Canadians get a fair shake price-wise.


This Black Friday, ergonomic accessories are available on steep discount, saving yourself hundreds of dollars if you know where to look and what items to pair together. For new offices and old office space that is in dire need of an upgrade, this is a great time to buy.


The biggest benefit when it comes to ergonomic accessories is health-wise. The health implications of ergonomic office design are that it reduces the diseases that are commonly associated with prolonged sitting. For example, think about how much time every day we spend sitting between work, commuting, being in the car, and being on the couch. That’s time where our bodies are not engaged and when they could be doing so much more. Beyond that, there are negative health impacts that include bad posture, aches and pains, and even improper digestion. Ergonomics help to reduce these risks. This Black Friday, choosing the right ergonomic accessories that appeal to how you want to use your office setup can work wonders in combating even the most intense aches and pains that come from being in a sitting position.


Ergonomic accessories also correlate directly with higher productivity. Ergonomic furniture and accessories are meant to reduce stress on the body while eliminating awkward body positioning. This means a body that is more engaged into what the mind is working on.


Multiple studies have found that through the use of ergonomic accessories, some workplaces find it takes less time to complete a given job task. Also, it helps keep a worker feeling good and does not leave their focus on a body ache. Through prolonged use of ergonomic furniture and accessories, comfort and productivity, and even job satisfaction, all rate higher.


This Black Friday, there’s going to be a lot of hoopla and deals out there. Be sure to prioritize what you really need to get on your shopping list. Please feel encouraged to browse Prime Cables exclusive selection of Black Friday ergonomic accessories for more information on what will be available.

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