Why Office Ergonomics is Important and Why a Sit-Standing Desk is Necessary

Office ergonomic

The average Canadian sits longer than eight hours a day every day. Naturally, over time, that kind of stress on the shoulder blades, the lower back, and other parts of the body is going to have an effect. Why office ergonomics work is because it makes the most of the opportunity remaining in a stationary position. The ideal office ergonomics setup will use your body in gentle ways to strengthen it and avoid the risks of prolonged sitting that affect so many people.


Building an office ergonomics setup oftentimes involves picking up two key items – an ergonomic desk chair and an ergonomics sit stand desk. A sit stand desk, simply put, is a desk with an adjustable height that will let you work while standing and then, bring its height lower to work while sitting. These type of adjustments you can make according to your own comfort. Sit standing desks in Canada are becoming increasingly popular for the ergonomic benefits they bring to the table. Even standing an extra ten minutes an hour comes with a wealth of benefits, including avoiding the elevated risks of various health conditions that go along with prolonged sitting.


Innovate your office ergonomic setup with a sit standing desk built to your unique needs. Prime Cables is a Canadian company committed to providing Canadians with the highest quality ergonomic desks in the marketplace. We provide fast and free shipping on any orders above $49, free returns, and a 365 day guarantee on any and all sit stand desk purchases. For those curious about getting more involved with office ergonomics, a desk is the first purchase that should be your go-to.


As more study is done into how the office environment workstation can be re-designed to engage mind and body in more effective ways, there’s a lot of opportunity there for everyday consumers to improve their productivity. The key is to making you feel as capable as possible to continue working and to reduce any physical or mental limitations that may be preventing you from hitting your stride. Ergonomic desks are just the beginning. By adding to your office ergonomic workstation with a proper chair and additional accessories can really get things cooking. The important thing is to figuring out ways to decrease the fatigue, discomfort, and physical stress that set in while working. If this sounds like you, consider browsing through Prime Cables exclusive selection of sit standing desks to get a grasp on what’s right for your office.

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