How to Get a Cheaper TV Wall Mount and Stand on Boxing week deals

Boxing Day always has some of the year’s biggest bargains. Let’s be honest, sometimes Christmas sales only go so far. Boxing Day, you can find entertainment items like TVs and laptops are low, low prices.


For those shoppers who are planning on making a big TV purchase on Boxing Day or who may have already received a TV for Christmas, the next step is in figuring out how you want to present your TV and where. Chance are, you already have a TV somewhere in your living space and you may be thinking about hooking up the TV there. Makes sense! If you’re looking to save space though, you might want to consider purchasing a TV wall mount and/or stand to help lift up your TV and create a more theatrical viewing experience for one and all. Let’s check it out!


There are many TV wall mount and stands in the marketplace, some of which are priced a little high for our liking. At Prime Cables, we take pride in providing a quality selection of TV wall mount and stands that are available at the cheapest prices in Canada. Browse a wide selection of TV wall mounts in our catalogue to find what’s right for your living space. Depending on if it’s a dining room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, or outdoors, some TV wall mounts may appeal to you more than others. For just about every TV, there’s at least a few wall mounts for them.


At Prime Cables, we have shipping locations based out of Montreal and Vancouver. To wherever you are in the country, we provide fast shipping. By making your purchase early, you can ensure you receive your TV wall mount in time for Christmas. Also, any order made through Prime Cables website over $49 is provided with free shipping. It’ll be just like you went to the store and picked it out yourself except you never had to leave the comfort of your chair.


This Boxing Day, yes the sales are going to be crazy. Many Canadian stores are buckling down for one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Keep in mind though that if the plan is to buy a TV, you want to have the accessories readily accessible to ensure easy installation and use later that day. For major savings on TV wall mounts, visit Prime Cables for more information on what’s the best wall mount for your home entertainment setup.

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