Get this Deal after new year 2018 arrived – a Full Motion Triple Monitor Desk Mount is Waiting!

Christmas is a busy shopping season for every Canadian household. There are so many deals and promotions to choose from, and it can be difficult reminding one’s self about the things they really need in their own personal lives. We spend so much time buying for other people that it doesn’t really give us time to consider how these promotions may impact our own lives. Before Christmas arrives, Prime Cables wants you to do just that – treat yourself.


Among the array of items that we have on discount for Christmas, the most impressive for anyone with a home office, an entertainment setup, or a gaming setup with multiple monitors is this. Check out our Full motion Triple Monitor Desk Mount for 13″-32″ Monitors which is usually available on our site for $137.99 but has been marked down for the Christmas season in limited quantities to only $49.99! To anyone looking to spice up their desktop setup, this is a great deal. This triple monitor desk mount is suited to match up any monitor up to 32 inches and each arm holds up to 17.6 pounds. With no hassle or fuss, mount it easily to any desk surface with a clamp. Simply buy and enjoy from there.


There’s going to be a lot of gift giving this holiday season but purchases like these can help provide some extra comfort for when the nights are little colder than normal. It’s easy to forget among all the sales that there’s still you to think about. When it’s almost time for Christmas, don’t forget about yourself. If you’re in a home office environment and want to save some space on your desk, a full-motion triple monitor mount is your chance. If you’re a recording engineer, avid gamer, graphic designer or illustrator, now is your chance to create an even cooler workstation with a monitor mount you can trust. Also, you’re getting it on the biggest discount possible and this order comes with free shipping, meaning no extra fees!


For the upcoming new year 2018, you should buy a full-motion triple monitor desk mount and buy it from one of the best Canadian ecommerce marketplaces there is. Throughout the holiday season, we plan to roll out more unbeatable sales so remember to give yourself something to look forward to. Winter can be a lonesome place after the holidays wrap up so always save a little for yourself. A monitor desk mount is something special that you might not think you need but you’ll more than appreciate it once you have it!

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