Tired of TV Wall Mounts? Get a TV Stand Instead


TV wall mounts are not always the best choice for a home entertainment center. In some spaces and to some preferences, a TV stand may in fact work better. For those Canadian households not interested in wall mounts, let us recommend a TV stand that is high quality and affordable.


Meet the Universal Table Top TV Stand / Base Mount fits 37″-65″ up to 35KG/77lbs for LED, LCD PrimeCables®. Any TV with VESAs of 200×200, 300×300, 400×400, 400×600, and 600×400 will work with this impressive TV stand available for a limited time from Prime Cables. Use your TV on your dresser, desktop, or any surface you see fit. The felt pads installed on the base of this stand prevent scratching and also help in keeping it steady. The maximum load capacity for this TV stand is 77 pounds.


For any TV stand, what you want is something built well and that is going to be able to handle your flat screen. The universal table top TV stand has undergone extensive testing ensuring that its design has been maximized for stability and handling. The market price for this piece of merchandise is typically $26.99 but exclusively through the Prime Cables website, it’s priced at $18.99. Even better, combine it with some of our other items on sale and if you build your order to above $49, you receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada. The benefits of shopping with Prime Cables doesn’t stop there either as we offer free returns on any item you are not fully satisfied with.


Not every TV stand is built the same or is able to meet the same quality standards as the Universal Table Top TV Stand / Base Mount fits 37″-65″ up to 35KG/77lbs for LED, LCD PrimeCables®. If you’re not completely sold on the idea of having a TV wall mount, this is no doubt among the best TV stand deals found anywhere in Canada. The advantages of having a TV stand is that the dresser or table on which is stands can also play host to your gaming console, stereo system, Blu-ray player, and/or any other TV-related items you may want to include there.


It looks cool, it’s built well, and there’s no TV stand anywhere priced lower. Heighten the look of the room and be happy in knowing that you have the most powerful, beneficial TV stand on the market. Shop Prime Cables today for other exclusive deals under TV accessories and more!

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