Buy HDMI for Full 4K Support

4K ultra-HD resolution is not always achievable on the average home theater system if system components have not been upgraded to accommodate the advanced video quality. A home theater HDMI cable is a necessary component in need of an upgrade if it isn’t already 4K.


HDMI 4K cables can notoriously be quite expensive. Searching Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and other sources, one can find HDMI 4K cables priced well above where we think is appropriate. Though they are high quality cables most of the time, there’s no reason to pay an arm and a leg. Instead, shop with PrimeCables, Canada’s favourite eCommerce discount retailer for cables, adapters, and other home theater accessories.


Browsing PrimeCables, you’ll find several HDMI 4K cable options to potentially enjoy. There’s the more inexpensive options, including HDMI 2.0 3 ft. zinc-alloy UHD 4K for $4.99 and the HDMI 2.0 cables 6 ft. zinc-allow UDH 4K for $7.99. Switching from a less than 4K HDMI cable to a 4K cable, you’ll immediately notice a difference in picture quality. If you’ve struggled to achieve 4K before, an HDMI cable like this is exactly what you need to ensure you achieve a high quality picture.


There are also premium HDMI 4K cables with Nylon jacket protection available from the PrimeCables Mamba Series, such those in 3 feet for $7.99, 6 feet for $8.99, and 10 feet for $11.99. The advantages of the Nylon jacket protection is that they are chew-proof and great if you have pets, won’t bend or warp under extreme temperatures, and are built stronger than their non-Nylon counterparts.


The ultimate thing to look out for when buying an HDMI cable for 4K support is to ensure that they do in fact support 4K. Just because it’s HDMI, it does not necessarily mean it supports 4K. Be sure to look at the specifications to verify. 4K is a wonderful standard to aim for and to achieve it, anything influencing your video is going to need to be able to carry the signal. Be it a gaming console, your flat-screen or projector, and the cables you are using, 4K can be difficult to reach sometimes because consumers may not know everything that requires an upgrade. 4K comes with an amazing frame rate, sharp colors, and deep blacks. If you want 4K, get the best from PrimeCables.


Shop PrimeCables for 4K HDMI cables and other home theater accessories. Instantly, you’ll get to an an optimum home theater experience just by upgrading your cables to accommodate what your flat-screen is capable of. Visit PrimeCables for more information on 4K home theater support!

See Massive Home Theater Discounts for Black Friday 2018 from PrimeCables

Black Friday home theater deals are just around the corner! Come November 23, 2018 and all through the weekend, PrimeCables is going to be hosting some deep cuts.


Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year for home theater enthusiasts and with reason. After all, this time of year is when traditionally super expensive TVs, speaker systems, and more come down in price.


For Canadians, they might already be hearing a little of the Black Friday buzz. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce sources for home theater accessories, we want to be one of the first out of the gate to offer premiere deals, discounts, and exclusives not found anywhere else. See fast, free shipping on all orders above $49, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee. Home theater products on Black Friday sale include TVs, TV mounts, TV stands, ergonomic accessories, outdoor and indoor TV antennas, gaming monitors, media streaming devices, projectors, projector cables, speaker systems, pro audio, A/V cables, A/V receivers and more.


If you’ve been waiting on the right time to buy what you need to upgrade your home theater system, Black Friday is the time. It’s almost here and we’re excited to be able to provide Canadians with these kinds of super deals on numerous products. Cutting prices across the board, you’ll find budget TVs, budget speaker systems, and a lot of accessories that can be used to manufacture an amazing setup for your home. There are hundreds of products to browse, some more expensive than others. Rumour has it that PrimeCables may even be releasing some more limited time deals on the day of. Be sure to check back that weekend!


Some of the best home theater deals on Black Friday sale will include items like HDMI cables for only $5.99, a full-motion articulating TV wall amount for flat-screens up to 70” for $39.99, a portable wireless multimedia keyboard for home theater systems for $9.99, premium hi-fi headphones DJ-style over-the-ear for $19.99, a super thin indoor high-definition TV antenna for $4.99, the 10W wireless charger for fast charging smartphones for $19.99, and the PrimeCables 43” FHD DLED TV with IPS LCD panel 1080p quality on limited-time discount for $297.99.


For Black Friday 2018, visit PrimeCables to see the biggest deals and discounts we’ve ever had on home theater discounts. The lowest prices in Canada are just a click away. Come and celebrate Black Friday weekend with PrimeCables!

PrimeCables v. Amazon – where to Shop this Black Friday for the Best Discounts

As one of Canada’s top eCommerce retailers, PrimeCables is offering some big discounts this Black Friday. In the face of the much larger Amazon, a lot of Canadians choose to shop with PrimeCables to help support a Canadian-made brand. Needless to say, this Black Friday, the debate between whether to shop with Amazon or PrimeCables continues.


There’s a lot of reasons to shop with PrimeCables. We provide free returns, a 1-year product guarantee on all purchases, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on any order above $49. PrimeCables also has some amazing categories to choose from, including cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, network solutions, and more. Some of our Black Friday 2018 deals are up to 95% off!


For Canadians looking for a bargain, Amazon might be a decent place to shop. Before you visit Amazon, we would like to invite you to drop into PrimeCables. The catalogue is filled with plenty of handy accessories that can help turn your home into an amazing hub of gadgets, media devices, and more. If you’ve been toying with the idea of something like upgrading your home entertainment system or getting some new cables, holding off until Black Friday weekend is a decent idea. Snap up your favourite products at a fraction of the cost you’d pay on a regular-price purchase.


See products like our 43” 1080P LED TV available for $297.99. Equip your home theater system with a new kind of sound system and get our Bluetooth soundbar for under $50. Find smaller, less expensive products in the PrimeCables catalogue such as a thin indoor high-definition TV antenna, a magnetic car mount for smartphones, or more.


This year, Black Friday falls on November 23. All weekend, in celebration, you’re going to see savings across a huge range of top tech products. Shop through Black Friday deals on headphones, TV wall mounts, optical Toslink cable, height adjustable laptop and tablet stands, sit-standing desks, smart home accessories like the Orvibo smart power outlet, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, and plenty more.


As good as Amazon is, shop with us first. You never know what you might find and you’ll be shopping Canadian when you on. We’re offering big discount and price slashes for Black Friday 2018 weekend only. PrimeCables wants to be the ultimate shopping experience for Canadians. Come and join us this November for our biggest sale to date.

When is the Best Time to Buy Home Theater TVs, Accessories, and Products – answer is here!

We all see things in our homes and home entertainment systems that need an upgrade. Attempting to find the best deal or having to wait for the right price to come along is a time-consuming process. For something like a TV, you might think there’s never a right time to buy.


Don’t wait too long though. You don’t want to wait until your TV is dying out. If you’re thinking about making the jump, now’s the time to keep your eye on what’s going on out there in the sales world. The best time to buy home theater TVs, accessories, and similar products may be here.


PrimeCables is one of Canada’s top eCommerce sources for home theater accessories and products. For any households on a budget, a place like PrimeCables’ catalogue is the perfect place to shop.


See TVs, monitors, TV wall amounts, speaker systems, TV antennas, A/V cables, adapters, projectors, and a wide range of different gits and gadgets. When you shop with PrimeCables, you also receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $29, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee on any home theater accessory. Currently, as a part of their annual ‘Home Theater Month’ sale, some prices have even been cut by as much as 70%!


Now’s a great time to search for TVs and related home theater accessories. If you’re tired of having to wait, make the jump to something more advanced today and maximize your dollar. Feel free to browse our entirely catalogue and while you’re on the hunt, you may find other accessories that capture your imagination. This isn’t just hype. This isn’t just some marketing tactic. Believe us when we say, we’ve been there. There’s a lot of different sales events that come and go, and a lot of them can end up being rather disappointing. The price cuts are never as deep as we want them to be and the sort of products we like to look for may not be what people are offering at any given time.


There’s no obligation to buy when you browse PrimeCables. Everything is there in plain sight for you to take a look and if nothing catches your eye, so be it. It’s Home Theater Month. Now’s a great time to make a buy. The best deals might just be a click away. You never know! Shop PrimeCables today for more information.

What are the Best Bookshelf Speakers for Home Theater Systems in Canada – read here!

Looking through product reviews for bookshelf speakers in Canada, you’ll find there’s some good quality models out there to browse. The biggest complaint we see from many buyers though is that pricing is oftentimes so high that it’s out of what’s reasonable for most households.


If that’s you, consider shopping with Canada’s top discount retailer for home theater accessories, PrimeCables. You can find bookshelf speakers alongside other audio systems including surround sound speakers, in-wall speakers, soundbars, A/V receivers, and more. If you’re looking for the absolute best bookshelf speakers for home theater systems in Canada, you may have found it.


PrimeCables has a special for ‘Home Theater Month’ on a pair of high-performance bookshelf speakers that are perfect for everything from home theater living areas to apartments, dorm rooms, home offices, and more. Priced at $134.99, you can get these bookshelf speakers for a limited time for only $39.99. Just order online through PrimeCables website and begin reaping the rewards. These bookshelf speakers are small in size, deliver a profound performance, boast excellent clarity of audio, come with significant detail, and quickly connect to speaker terminals. PrimeCables’ bookshelf speakers are a definitive contender for ‘best in Canada’, beating many brands on price alone. Performance-wise, we’re sure you’ll be supremely impressed!


There are speaker systems using bookshelf speakers out there for upwards of $1,000s. Even at only a few $100s, this is a ‘cheap price’ to many home theater enthusiasts. For less than $50, receive your bookshelf speakers from PrimeCables that are equal in performance to any other speaker within a few hundred dollars. Tag it with a good A/V receiver and/or other home theater accessories, and you can save a lot of money shopping with PrimeCables. Customizing your system is important. That’s why these bookshelf speakers are designed the way they are. Their personality is highly adaptable to different environments. No matter what arrangement of elements you’re intending to use, a good pair of bookshelf speakers will elevate your sound.


Customize and personalize your bookshelf speakers, and create a distinctive home theater pattern. Focus on sound optimization and unwavering clarity – both of which are achievable with this model. Listen to music, watch concerts, catch a sports game, watch a movie, or binge your favourite TV. Hear rumbling lows and clear, exciting highs!


Shop your favourite home theater accessories at PrimeCables and for this month only, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $29. Browse the best bookshelf speakers for home theater systems today. It’s hard to imagine a better deal than that.

Using a TV Wall Mount or Projector to Increase Visibility in your Home Theater Experience

Creating a home theater can be a challenging task, just from the sheer number of possibilities there are. Endless amounts of home theater accessories to browse at PrimeCables make it impossible to say there’s any one-which way to build a system.


For many Canadians, they come to sites like PrimeCables seeking home theater accessories like TVs, TV wall mounts, HDMI cables, A/V cables, headphones, speaker systems, TV antennas, and more. Depending on the needs of your home and the people in it, you may also opt for other accessories as add-ons.


Remember, ultimately, this is about providing your household with the most appropriate home entertainment system. If there’s kids involved, a roommate-friendly environment, if you’re a young couple, a young professional, or a single person, there’s going to be multiple ways to build out a home theater system.


Consider this. Using a TV wall mount, you can help to elevate an existing flat-screen to a more theatrical angle. This can be a great way to watch movies, catch sports games with friends, and/or just to create a more impressive viewing experience. Think of how you intend to use it. TV wall mounts come in a wide range of different types, including more basic, affixed types to those including pull-down models, tilts, swivels, ceiling mounts, and more.


If using a combination TV wall mount and flat-screen does not suit your needs, there might be another way to go. Have you ever thought about a projector – we have. PrimeCables has projectors, projector screens, and projector mounts, in addition to other home theater accessories that could be matched with it. Choosing a projector, you have some adaptability when it comes to screen size, audio, and more. If you really want to make a big impression and you have a somewhat bigger budget to play with, a projector may be more advantageous than a mount.


Elevating your image to increase visibility is an important part of the home theater design. Improvements in audio-visual equipment have made it so that it’s easier and more affordable than ever to set up a home theater system anywhere in the house. Be it in the living room, bedroom, or even outside, you’ll be shocked by what’s available at the under-$50 price point.


Visit PrimeCables for the best deals on home theater accessories and more. Look at the product reviews, customer ratings, and choose for yourself. Select what works for your home. The right products are only a click away. Shop PrimeCables today.

See the Top 5 Sales Items on our Black Friday Shopping List

Black Friday deals only come once a year and this year, it’s coming around November 23. All weekend long, find amazing discounts, sales, and exclusives from Canada’s top eCommerce brand, PrimeCables. Speaking to consumers already excited about the big day, these are some of the top sales items found on Black Friday shopping lists shared by our customers.


Height adjustable laptop stand $5.99


The ergonomic height adjustable accessory for laptops and tablets are used by thousands of Canadians from sea to sea. If you like watching media on your laptop or  tablet in bed, on the couch, or are just looking for a different way to angle your computer, this might be a great way to do it. Inexpensive and a high quality build, you won’t have regrets digging into this deal!


Height adjustable sit-stand desk $179.99


Another height adjustable option, this sit-standing desk is an ergonomic product purposed in professional and home office environments. The riser can accommodate monitors up to 35” wide. The recipient of 4.8/5 star reviews, our sit-standing desk category has been one of Canadians’ favourites over the years. For Black Friday, price cuts are going to be even deeper.


BT3.0 waterproof Bluetooth speaker $7.99


A great, inexpensive Bluetooth portable speaker is hard to come by for under $10. Thankfully, there’s PrimeCables. This is a great speaker option if you like heading out to the beach, on road trips, or adventures where bringing heavier audio equipment isn’t an option. Also, this makes a great Christmas gift.


Orvibo smart power outlet $14.99


For Canadians interested in turning their home into a smart home, the Orvibo smart power outlet is well recommended. Features include a turn-off/turn-on remote feature, scheduling and timing function, and compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa. Easily installed and easily handled, this smart power outlet is an excellent starting point for any smart home enthusiast.


Angle-free TV wall mount $5.99


Typically we associate TV wall mounts with more expensive price points than under $10. That said, this is a high quality build that’s very simple and basic. If you’re toying with the idea of a TV wall mount for your small to medium sized flat-screen, consider the PrimeCables model. If you want a mount with a little more flexibility, there’s more than two dozen models to browse.


Black Friday shopping sales with PrimeCables comes complete with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Don’t miss out. Shop PrimeCables this Friday.