Why you Should Never Have to Spend More than $50 for a Guitar Cable

The cost of guitar cables can be quite tremendous when you don’t know where to go to buy. That said, every guitar player needs guitar cables to play. So where’s the best place to get a guitar cable for under $50 – go with Prime Cables. Here’s why.


There’s no reason you should ever have to spend over $50 for a guitar cable. Anyone who says otherwise is simply trying to sell you on something you don’t need. Whether you just really like playing the guitar, are just learning guitar, are deep into writing your own tunes, or just enjoy jamming, Prime Cables has a number of guitar cables to browse and enjoy way below the $50 price point. For example, one of the biggest selling guitar cables we have is this 10Ft Nylon Series 1/4 inch (6.35mm) TS M/M 20AWG Instrument Cable Black & Gold – PrimeCables®. Its market price is $27.90 however through Prime Cables, any Canadian can purchase this cable for only $7.99!


That is far from the only guitar cable or instrument accessory on discount either. Please feel encouraged to browse through our entire catalogue for more info on the deals available. Any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada so be sure to add on a few accessories to maximize your purchase. There’s no reason you should have to compromise on quality either paying such a low price. This is a very well-built cable with 20 AWG solid conductor, gold-plated connectors, a black and gold braided cloth jacket, and two layers of copper braid shielding. Also, it comes with a free return and a lifetime warranty. For a guitar cable under $50 in Canada, you can’t go wrong with that. Every guitar player needs ‘em so now is the perfect time to stock up.


Throughout the past decade, we have helped many a travelling musician with their instrument accessory and cable needs. Whether it’s in the bedroom or on the stage, a guitar cable like this will last a lifetime. You won’t have to worry about its reliability either. Always count on it to produce a nice guitar sound and take it with you everywhere. Even in the coldest of Canadian winters, this 10Ft Nylon Series 1/4 inch (6.35mm) TS M/M 20AWG Instrument Cable Black & Gold – PrimeCables® is second to none. For a limited time only, buy today for only $7.99!

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