How is Prime Cables USB Type-C Cable Different from Amazon



Amazon is one of the world’s biggest companies, conquering so many different categories of the marketplace. Prime Cables’ is a Canadian-based brand, though much smaller than Amazon from an international perspective, specializes specifically in cables, including USB Type-C cables. For Canadian consumers, we strongly believe Prime Cables’ USB Type-C cables to be superior in quality, design, and reliability than what Amazon has to offer – and, on top of everything else, we sell it for a lower price. Yes, there are plenty of places where you can buy USB-C cables however none as high quality at this particular price point.


For more than a decade, we have been adapting alongside trends in tech, bringing in the latest and most advanced USB cables in Canada. The current standard, USB-C, solves a lot of the problems that previous types had, in addition to providing higher transfer rates. USB-C has been so successful that the newest products in the marketplace are all suited with USB-C ports.


The cables in the USB Type-C category available through Prime Cables are second to none. Featuring a user-friendly design, reversible insertion options, and a nylon braided jacket ensuring that it does not get accidentally cut or chewed through, the same models at Amazon are priced higher than what’s available here. For smartphones, laptops, professional cameras, and more, USB-C cables are the way to go. So many Canadians in the audio and tech fields already depend on Prime Cables for their USB-C needs, and we would be more than happy to help save a few bucks over what is currently available on Amazon.


Also, Prime Cables offers free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders $49 and above. We know USB Type-C cables are not the most expensive thing in our catalogue. No worries though, just take a browse through and consider stocking up on some other cables. Nonetheless, fast shipping is guaranteed on all products in addition to our 1-year guarantee and free return policy. If you run into any performance issues, no questions asked, simply sent it in for a free return.


Amazon offers a number of impressive tech products but on USB Type-C, we believe we have them beat. Receive the same type or higher quality cable and at a better price. As a company built by Canadians for Canadians, Prime Cables is there for Canadians.


As companies such as Apple have abandoned past USB type cables, we’ve helped many frustrated Canadian consumers in the past with hubs, adapters, and uniquely built, hard-to-find cables solving all of their needs. For more information on USB Type-C cables and similar sync-and-charge devices, visit Prime Cables today!

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